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Thursday, November 7, 2013

a day of June, in pictures

Good morning, dear earth.
Good morning, dear sun.

My day starts at 7am, but to this...

We wake up to snow. Yaaaay! Says kids. Booooooo! Says mama.

They win. We go outside anyway. Okay fine. It IS pretty.

School time. Which for missy evergreen means dressing up in underwear hats and playing dinosaurs eating my little pony.

She's on a roll today. Later I find her looking like this. I bootiful mama! Yes, that's mascara.

Lunch time. I'm so hungry, they say. Make extra Mac and cheese, they say. So I do, cause I'm nice like that. 

Notice the half eaten bowls of mac and cheese. (My bowl is chicken rice soup!) 

And this is where my mood begins to plummet. Baby is refusing naps now, all week! So I tell the kids mama is having a quiet time. Tea and Pinterest on the iPad. 

Ah, much better.

Ninja and his sister finally rally up the willpower to do the rest of their school. Ev plays with playdoh.

 The troops are released to go play.

While I make dinner, clean house, and put away the laundry.

(I just wanna play too! This is where my mood just disintegrated... I don't know why...seriously bad mood...)

Stacks of laundry. Ugh. Seriously it feels never ending lately.

Finally, bed time cuddles with this girl.

Good night, dear mamas!


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