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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my fondest dream

My fondest dream right now (after a week in the Mediterranean sampling wine with dada and NO CHILDREN) is for my children to fall asleep so I can sip wine, attack the half pint of Ben and Jerry's left in the fridge and watch last weeks Scandal, huddled up under a blanket, Christmas lights twinkling...ahhhhh almost there....T minus 1 hour till bedtime, but who's counting??

Meanwhile my second favorite dream (third really after the sunny Italy wine tasting dream) is playing out in front of me right now. 

All three kids happily playing ninjas in the other room, squeals of laughter, okay some chasing and one episode of "he hit me with his ketana!" and just now a little bit of "mean baby princess" stripping down ("I naked, to be funny!") chasing the kids with a "fire whip." They now are calling her "naked whiplash the ninja."


And seeing baby, no longer a baby, join in their play. And she really does, and it's funny to watch her little self emerge from baby-ness. "Ding dong ding dong!" She calls out, when she greets them, "it's me! Ever!" Wagging her head like a little bell. So funny, her own self. And such a transition too, when you go from big kids and baby, to, kids. Full stop. And they play and laugh. 

Come little man, I say, come do your job (unloading the dishwasher).

But mom, he says, I'm playing with Ev, and she's being so cute and funny!

And oh, this is the good stuff.

Negative 15 or so right now, hardly leaving the house, fire crackling in the stove and sure plenty of whining and tv and etc. but then those moments where it shines through, their love for each other, the joy in playing, the contentedness.

Oh, I can read my new divergent book tonight too! Okay. Enough with the blissing out. Little man just pretended to cook little misses head in the pretend kitchen oven. Ha. 

First snowman of the season!

Fierce ninjas, and one ninja princess.

Licking the brownie bowl

Here is me now, ignoring the happy chaos. Did I mention the weather?? No seriously it's so cold. And, It wouldn't be a post from me without kvetching about the weather. Also, glasses. I opted for the hipster look. My sisters assure me I look hip and cool and artsy. Ha. No more headaches so, that's enough. Okay. Bedtime for real. 

Yay wineicecreamscandalandbooks!!



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