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Sunday, December 15, 2013

crafting for Christmas

Major milestone here folks. 

Little miss actually just helped me craft -making a gnome house and gnome family for her little cousin - and she was actually involved for more than an hour, and she was actually helpful (those little four year old fingers are perfect for stuffing wool into tiny gnome hats.) And for my first time ever, crafting with children (aside from glitter and glue projects specifically FOR them) was ACTUALLY FUN. 

I'm glowing, can you tell?

And this sweet little house and gnome family are seriously some of my best crafting to date. 

Happy mama. Happy girl. Happy Christmas crafting!

This project is super simple. I used a sewing machine to stitch up the house, the roof, the handle, and the capes of the people. Then I hand stitched in the faces and then the bottoms, after stuffing them. I used a glue gun for the flowers, so much easier than hand stitching! So fun! I wanna keep it! For me! 

Ha ha ha!!

I'm totally gonna be the little old lady making herself toys in her 80s. 

Fun. Happy crafting mamas!!


  1. I came across your blog today and I love it. It was encouraging to read about your survival yoga. I do it too! Deep breathing in between on-going potty training and spilled milk. Stretches to put away toys for the tenth time today. And I have the same secret: I love McD's because I don't have to do any preparation but pay for it.


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