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Thursday, October 16, 2014

rambling thoughts on hats

The leaves. Golden. The air. Crisp. Truly the perfect time of year. I'm yelling at the kids all day. SCOOT. Get out into the sunshine!! Waiting for winter in our neck of the woods is like waiting for the apocalypse. Store up your canned beans. Dust off those snow boots. Winter is a'comin.

I'm snuggled in bed with two little girls right now, blogging on my loaner phone. It's cool but not enough for a fire in the wood stove.

I pulled up 20 or so carrots today, and a cabbage. My dying garden is sad. We had several hard frosts last week and everything withered up. Except for the root veggies and hardy greens of course. Kale. The leaf green that keeps on giving. Definitely plant kale in the apocalyptic garden.

Apocalyptic is a funny word right?

It's kind of my thing lately too because my book is post-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it.

Ah. My book.

Still doing edits. But I've starting shopping to agents. Eeeeeeek. Scary. But also. I have no grand illusion. A writer I once admired told me once, don't try, you will never publish a book, not unless you know a truckload of agents in New York. Well, I don't of course. But I figure. What the hell.

Can't hurt to try.

I'm kind of in a fuck it mood. Can you tell? I don't know why.

Gorgeous sunshine. (Fairly) happy kids. Dada has almost almost got his new biz going. We are going to drink champagne and cook up a feast this weekend to celebrate.

And yet.

And then.

It's once again maybe, that creeping feeling. Stealthy, coming at me.

And where are you going??


Writer global adventurer homeschooling homesteader mama might be feeling a tad overpowered by the multiple hats she's trying to wear. Perhaps.


Do you know that Amy Grant song? If so you're my extra special friend. I know every word as I was not really allowed to listen to non Christian music as a teen (but did anyway)

Perhaps I need to pare back the hat collection.

Our chickens are dying off. We just found one of our hens lying in the woods. We're down to six now. Maybe chickens aren't necessary. Hmmmm. Or goats. Maybe goats are later.

Or. Hmmmm. I don't know. All the other hats are good. I want them. I need them. I see no paring back. Maybe some reshuffling.

What does one do in this quandary? The what is next dilemma. The too many balls in the air which do I chase after question.

I was aiming for a getaway this fall. I think I need that. To sort out all these hats. And make a plan to make them work together.

This is the most tedious post in ages. I know.

For now. The sun will shine again tomorrow. The leaves are gorgeous. I'm taking the kids to the zoo.

Life. In all it's beautifully monotonous glory. Right?


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