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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

halloween week ramblings

We just took the kids to a Halloween party. Their second in the past week. (Non-socialized homeschoolers that we are. HA)

We all got home. Kids dumped out their loot bags. Mama poured a giant glass of wine. Dada his chocolate milk. Of course they were all hungry again, so I made dinner, again.

And now its 7:30. Dada and I are wandering around in circles staring at each other. Can we put them to bed yet? Is it time? Can I collapse?

Its been a long week.

A long haul.

And Halloween. Lovely. Fun. Fine. LOTS OF WORK. CANDY. SUGAR. EH.

And I have an ear ache. And I want to stay home sick tomorrow. Chicken soup, hot packs, the works. Adults are not supposed to have ear aches. Ridiculous.

Second glass of wine.

Hi. I am tired. The kids have slept terribly lately. Up and down and up and down. I imagine they sense the life stress around them, around us. TRYING TO NOT BE STRESSFUL MOMMY. Although, yesterday I cried in the bathroom more than once, feeling like a homeschool failure.


The kids are still snacking. Dada finally lets himself fall down on the couch in a heap. The kids decide to tickle him. I head for the computer to blog.

Perfect timing, right?

Last night little miss declared she "needed to spend some time with her parents" and proceeded to stay WIDE AWAKE until 11PM.


Dada and I were like, "Come ON." No grown up TV for us. I was about to say "adult" TV but that sounds dirty. I would laugh actually watching adult TV. Wouldn't you?


And we should've been hard core and made her go to bed but, how can you say no to that?

Now they are screaming about wearing their false vampire teeth in their goodie bag WHILE brushing teeth. HA HA HA. Dada is heading up this one. I trust him to manage himself. It's important to show trust in your parenting partner right?


I am laughing out loud. Dada just asks, are you coordinating about that meeting tomorrow? I'm all, NO, snorting into my wine. In fact I am avoiding the kids, wired on sugar. HA. They actually served apples covered in caramel, whipped cream, with choices of toppings at the party. Holy SUGAR Batman.

I always take the Almond Joys. I live for the Almond Joys on Halloween night. And dada is working this year. Which navigating trick or treating solo. UGH. But also, I GET ALLTHE ALMOND JOYS.

Okay. I can no longer avoid bedtime duty.

HUGS MAMAS. May all the Almond Joys in your kids goodie bag be yours! AND WINE!


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