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Saturday, February 20, 2016

anti-recipe #i lost count Fortifying drink for pregnancy and general wellbeing

How is that for a title?? 

Yes. Still pregnant. 

Meanwhile I'm working on a perspective shift. Technically not due for 10 days. 

Time to get extra projects done! 

I found an old swaddling blanket and ripped it up for cloth diaper wipes. Dada has volunteered to cook some freezer meals this afternoon on his day off. 

The day off that would have timed out perfectly to be giving birth. 

No I'm not bitter. 

Instead I plan on going out to do what all  expectant  mothers in my situation do. Waddle around Target with gift cards in my pickle stained fingers. 


Just kidding. 

I'll wash the pickle juice off first. 

So where was I? 

Yes, my iron was a little low in my latest blood work. So for awhile I drank down the liquid herbal iron drink "Floradix" which is so much gentler on the body than pill supplements. 

But it ran out. And then we didn't get to the store. And then I remembered. I got top quality organic blackstrap molasses to make gingerbread cookies at Christmas. And something about it being really good for you? 

Yep. One tablespoon has 20% of daily iron needs. Sold. 

But how does one actually consume said molasses??

After experimenting I discovered a drink that was actually tasty and somewhat filling and quite calming on the fun third trimester nausea I've been blessed with lately. 

Fresh lemon juice. I use half a large lemon in a mug. Then a tiny bit of sugar. Now add hot water and stir in a generous spoonful of molasses until it's dissolved. I also have sprinkled in some powdered ginger. 

That's it. 

To make a Gatorade substitute for sickness or just a good mineral rehydration drink for a hot day I would add this cup to a full pitcher of cold water and sprinkle in some salt. 

Nice right?? 

Just make sure to use organic blackstrap molasses. I got mine at Target. Regular "molasses" is chock full of crap like corn syrup and doesn't have the good stuff you're after. Real blackstrap molasses also has calcium, magnesium and B6 vitamins. 

Okay. Now to eat an enormous pickly sandwich, lick my fingers clean, and waddle the aisles of Target. 

Ha. Wish me baby luck!!


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