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Monday, August 23, 2021

living YOUR best life

So I just wrote about this on Insta - Do you say Insta? All the kids do, so, why not, ha.

But this is the thing. 

It is EXHAUSTING sometimes to try and be the person everyone says you should be to live your "best life" ESPECIALLY the folks on Insta. 

I am tired. Tired of the pressure. Fuck it. It makes me want to swear. It's all the pressure from the June days, still, in a new form. Instead of baking bread and canning my own pickles I am trying to actualize my life by having a morning routine that includes yoga and deep breathing and visualizing my success and my top three goals for the day and....etc. etc. etc. 

Listen. None of this is easy. 

Mothering. Healing. Juggling. Balancing. Self care. Productivity. Flourishing. Acceptance. Boundaries. Me time. Self love. 

I mean. There is SO MUCH that we are supposed to be thinking about. It’s exhausting, trying to be a woman, a single mom, a business owner. We are told so many things must command our attention. 

Have your morning routine! They tell us. What about a chore chart? They suggest. Did you try using Asana? How about yoga? Do you have a good daily planner? Are you getting up an hour before the kids? You should journal daily. Are you eating clean? 


So many well intentioned yet impossible to implement it all ideas. 


In any case. 

What do we do? What do you do? When all of those you-should-just-try I-really-should-do feelings start surfacing??? Me? I get cranky.

But. I am rocking a new mom hair cut. (I realize I am following Robin Wrights progression of hair cuts, by the way. Although she never did do dreads. HA. Long Princess Bride hair, and now, mid-40s Robin Wright hair. Next is 50s House of Cards hair.) And the dog ate my glasses SO I GET TO BUY NEW ONES ha. (no seriously ATE them, like crunched the glass) 

And. You know what? We can do this. Folks. Folks. We can. 

And sometimes we have to put it all down. Grab the dog and the kids and go hike by the river. 

Because only YOU know your life, your rhythm, what works for you. And all those ideas are well and good but DONT let your idea of living this perfectly productive organized life get in the way of you living YOUR life. You know?? 


(When your baby is tired, even if he is five, you tie two shirts around your body and create a baby carrier and get the job done. 💪 )


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