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Monday, August 30, 2010

Anti-recipe 6 Mary's potato salad

I am not one for potato salad. In fact I have Very Strong Feelings against most potato salad. Especially the kind with like chunks of onions and celery and dill seed and eggs. Something about that is just EW to me. OH. Especially store bought stuff. My face is contorting right now just thinking of how gross it is to me.


The below describes the Most Yummy Potato Salad Ever.

It is the creation of my dear friend Mary (read her witty blog – with actual delicious recipes here) from way back in HIGH SCHOOL. We were truly cute little California high school girls (weren’t we Mary? I mean, I don’t mean to sound prideful – very discouraged here in the Midwest – but I look at pictures sometimes and think, my gosh we were CUTE) I can remember whipping this up in Mary’s kitchen for bonfires down at the beach…occasionally eating a ton of it as we made it…HA.

Start out with a bunch of potatoes, say maybe 6 (if you were making to bring to a picnic). Scrub well, cut into cubes, cut out bad spots. (That is right, don’t peel! See! Lazy person potato salad! YAY!)

Boil till potatoes are easily poked through with a fork.


Add in mayo (maybe ½ cup) and mustard (a couple good squirts)

Add in chunky cubes of dill pickles (PLEASE no relish. Ew.)

Add in a can of black olives (whole or cut, your choice)

Salt and pepper to taste.

Eat slightly warm out of the bowl before placing on table for admiring family and friends.

Truly yummy. (Thanks Mary!)


  1. Hahaha...what are you talking about--we're STILL unbelievably CUTE! Just in a sort of..."refined" cuteness ;-). And to tell the truth, I haven't made this salad in years. In fact, thanks for the recipe. I was reading through it thinking, "Wow. I don't remember being this simplistically brilliant (simplistic--yes, brilliant--not so much). Good for ME!" The only thing I'd do differently now, is to insist on having a tasty beer on hand while cooking (you know--something to do while watching the potatoes boil). But I guess that wouldn't have flown well with the parentals when we were 14 so...
    And thanks for the blog link ;-).

  2. mary - apparently you are allowed to say such things in the land of healthy self esteem out west. here it is quite frowned upon (HA!) beer huh? wait, do you mean cook the potatoes in beer? or simply for imbibing? (a great and underused word) i can assure you plenty of that goes on around here. can you imagine if we had pulled that kind of thing as a teenager?? ha! we were cute AND good!


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