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Monday, August 9, 2010

Anti-recipe #4 Kale chips

So. Too many meat-heavy recipes. (Don’t wanna scare off my vegetarian readers!) We do eat veggies. I swear.

If you are a CSA/farmers market/gardening type girl like me you may have found yourself in this seasonal dilemma.

What to do with kale?

It’s green. It’s pretty. It’s baffling.

There are a few good options.

Slice up in ribbons and throw in homemade chicken soup (with rice and garlic).

Stir fry (not a personal favorite, I like stir fry, just not so much with kale)

Simmer with garlic and onions (ok, but tends to be too garlic/onion tasting for me)

Here is one foolproof option. I swear you will be able to get through that whole portion of kale from your CSA without having to toss it out after digging it up from the back of your fridge, wilty, slimy, and sad.

Kale chips.

Hmmm. Sounds yummy already huh? And super duper easy too.

Preheat oven to 450.

Cut kale leaves into one inch bite size pieces (even wilty ones work, stay away from slimy ones though)

Toss with olive oil, just a little, too much will make your chips greasy, maybe 1 tablespoon per 4-5 chopped leaves? I could be way off though. Just wing it.

I know someone who swears by making this with bacon grease. Eh. I am not the type to cook with bacon grease. You can try though.

Sprinkle with sea salt.

Place in baking pan/sheet (I use my 9x13 trusty pan)

Place in oven. Toss a few times.

Pull out when all leaves are crunchy, maybe 10-15 minutes.


YUM. Even my kids can be fooled into eating these. “Look kids, CHIPS! Yummy!” “Yay! Mommy! Chips!” After 4-5 bites they are like “Wait-a-minute-you-tricked-us” but, hey, one can try…more for you then (insert smiley face guy).


  1. I need to try making these. I've been buying some raw/vegan "cheesy" kale chips that are super yummy, but too spendy to get very often.

  2. Ah man I love kale chips!! My pickey eater loves anything salty so she eats it... and if not it gets crushed up and put on the popcorn so she still gets the nutrients.

    Anna try this recipe (

    or just try making regular kale chips with nutrional yeast, pretty cheesy. :)

  3. Wow, this was yummy! I ate them with abandon. Bridget spit hers out and Catherine ate a few, slowly, but I think there's hope with repeated exposure. But I could have eaten the entire tray.
    However, maybe it's my oven, but at 450 some were almost burning after 5 minutes.

  4. johanna! HI! thanks for pointing that out. i think i actually do it at 400. this is the primary danger of the antirecipe cooking philosophy :)


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