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Saturday, April 16, 2011

the icky sickies


notice little miss, who holds her ears most adorably when she
is tired...
As I type I am taking a much-needed break from holding my sick two-year-old. Seriously, I have been holding her ALL DAY. But, she is sick. And you cant NOT hold your sick baby girl when you are all she wants.

She has, as she callls it, the "pookies" (ie pukeys). She hasn't kept down even a teaspoon of liquid all day. At some point my mommy heart starts panicking. THIS CANT BE OKAY. But, my mom and Dr. Sears say its normal. No signs of dehydration, yet. So we hold her and sing to her and catch her "pookie" in our hands when she refuses the bowl. And break out the hand sanitizer.

Brother had it the past two days. (Glad they didnt double up on us!!) His "pookie" stage lasted ALL NIGHT LONG. Dada got that shift. So really, I am lucky for the daytime version. Hopefully it doesn't go into the night...

It is amazing what one can accomplish with a sick child. You disinfect, do laundry, make soup, wipe up the ickies, soothe and comfort even when you really REALLY need to pee. We put everything aside but taking care ok that poor kiddo, lying there, not even wanting to watch cartoons (THAT is sick!)

Why am I writing about this?

I guess because it IS so hard to see your kids so sick. This is the most toxic thing they have ever had in their little lives. Yet, I am lucky. So many families have such heartache with illness, even death, which is so hard to contemplate, as a mother you just can't even go there.

So I am grateful, as I hold my dry-heaving child, that this is the worst they have experienced, and (God please) likely the worst type of illness they will endure.

(And I am also grateful for dada taking a shift with Ms. Pookie so I can blog and read and eat  for the first time all day...)

All in all. Even with the icky sickies we are damn lucky.


  1. I'm sorry you have sickies.

    The other day I got a phone call, "Mom! I'm sick, can you come?" Even as a momma herself my baby-girl just needed momma in the general vicinity and I gladly went. I didn't do much but hold the baby so momma could nap. I cleaned the house, did some laundry and made turkey soup, but it was enough to get her on her feet again.

    Although we hate the sickies, I'm glad we can be there for our babies and not in say....Canada or someplace like that. ;o)

  2. It is the worst to see your kids sick. And I totally agree that even when you are up all night, or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office with the dreaded ear infection or whatever, I too will think of the families that do this all day, every day with kids that are chronically sick. So, yeah, makes dry heaves and overly clingy kids seem like a piece of cake. Hang in there, I hope everyone gets better soon.


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