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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

icky sickies, an update

So, little miss did NOT get better, she got worse. And though the "pookies" stopped (after a prayer at 3am that went something like 'listen, God, I don't ask for much. I have a good life. But PLEASE help her keep down this sip of pedialyte!') the next day she stopped sipping at all. And then she got a fever. And it got higher and higher. Finally Monday morning we went in to our doc. She said, yep, to the hospital you go.

We were hoping for just a few hours of rehydration therapy but she didn't "perk up" as the ER doc put it. So we stayed the night. Finally her fever broke at 2am. (104 fevers are SCARY) and Tuesday morning she was better, so we went home.

Now here we are. Five days of no food. And again, barely sipping. I got her to take in some watery warm milk and honey (with a probiotic) but now she won't drink again, she only wants to be held and is barely smiling at brother's antics...

Trying to remain positive, and I know she will be better eventually, but I really REALLY dont want to go back to the hospital (although they were great and nice and all. It is SO awful seeing your kid hooked up to tubes, pricked and poked and etc...)

I know that all in all she is NOT that sick, compared to some kids out there. But gosh darnit it sucks. Also. I am tired. Can I say that? I cried for two hours yesterday. Ridiculous. Strong mama melted away, for a spell. But she is back now. And she is going downstairs to cuddle miss sicko and mister "you-have-to-take-care-of-me-too." 

Being a mom is freaking hard. Okay, rewarding and great and yes, but just heart-wrenching sometimes. You know?

thank goodness for TV in the room! she went to sleep
at home last night asking where "her" tv was!

watching wall-e together. brother says "i just want to hold
her hand mama"


  1. Oooh, that sounds like an awfully rough go of things. So sorry to hear about this. Did the docs give an official diagnosis? That's so tough on the whole family, hang in there.

  2. Have you tried the homeopathic remedy ipecac?

  3. Sick kids are so freaking hard... especially when pregnant.
    Praying she gets well soon!!


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