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Sunday, April 3, 2011

pregnancy and cooking...

So I haven’t been cooking, hardly at all. I am just not into it. Of course, I make things to feed my family. (Or, dada does.) But as far as new and interesting recipes worthy of being on here. Not so much. Food is like, ick to me, and yet I crave it. Not anything in particular. Or anything I can identify. A recent conversation with dada about what to get for dinner went like this:

Well, what do you want to eat for dinner?

I don’t care, I am just starving, I NEED FOOD.

How about Chinese?

No, yuck.


No way.

A salad?

No, I need something hot.

So, you don’t care but you don’t really want anything but you have to eat now.


Ridiculous. I am actually tired of eating. I get nauseated if I don’t eat every two hours. I have nearly passed out a few times this week because I waiting too long to eat lunch. I also have this weird pregnancy thing where I cannot eat leftovers. It totally grosses me out.

So, as you can see, cooking is like the last thing I want to do.

Here is a sampling of my cooking lately:

Pizza bagels. I am a master at the pizza bagel. Luckily my children will eat them too.

Lasagna. Seriously easy to make. Layer, layer, layer. The key to un-goopy filling is to put an egg in with the ricotta. And the only reason I made such an elaborate meal was because I was bringing a meal to a neighbor who just had a baby.

Chicken noodle soup. With frozen real bone broth in the fridge and chicken pieces from deboning a roasting a chicken its simple… chop up some carrots, onions and throw in some noodles. VOILA

Hamburger and rice. My dad's specialty. It was actually really good to me at the time but sounds gross right now.

Tuna melts. This was at 10pm and I was exhausted but I was STARVING. The funny thing is that regularly I hate tuna. Like really hate. But in the moment it was delicious.

Fried rice with pork. I was kind of proud of this one. It turned out really well (secret is to get the oil hot enough and sautee ginger and garlic before adding everything in, rice, cooked pork bits, egg - slowly scramble in - and frozen peas).

(Oh my gosh my kiddo is sitting next to me as I type. What are you typing now mom? And now? And now? AAAAAAAAAHHHHH.)

pretend cheesecake
One creation that I actually took a picture of, pretend cheesecake. Spread cream cheese on a graham cracker, sprinkle with brown sugar, add a dollop of strawberry jam. (yes, I used the word dollop) It ws really good.

Mainly I have been existing on ham and cheese sandwiches (sammiches as little miss says) and oranges. And I know there is the whole “you-shouldn’t-eat-nitrates” thing but, I can’t help myself. I WANT HAM AND CHEESE. It also has to be hot ham and cheese. With toasted bread. And mayo.

Hmmm. I want one now. Oh, I just had one for lunch. HA.

My first pregnancy I was super paranoid about everything I ate. Listeria poisoning! No soft cheese! No deli meat!! No hot dogs or ham! No coffee! And good gracious NO SUSHI. My last pregnancy I was super into getting all the proper nutrients every day. 80 grams of protein (which is REALLY REALLY hard to do) leafy green veggies EVERY DAY, a GALLON OF WATER (lord have mercy I can’t do that now, seriously some mornings cold water makes me want to puke, isn’t that weird?) And yes, I am trying my best but I just can’t be the woman who charts her daily intake of food this time around! I just got some good quality fish oil, that makes me feel better, and I take two prenatals every day, plus my normal probiotics. So, I am TRYING. But yeah, no charts this time around. But also, no paranoia.

So yes, that is my explanation for lack of recipes. Umm. I don’t care to cook right now.

Mac and cheese anyone?

(Any simple meal tips would be greatly appreciated, poor dada.)


  1. Aaaah, I so relate to this. I think you are doing well! The real chicken soup is impressive to me. I've triggered family obsessions with Campbell's chicken noodle soup and chicken flavored ramen.

    I also relate to what you said about the way you ate in the previous pregnancies. I was SO paranoid my first pregnancy. Everything you mentioned, plus I had a crazy book that said "vegetables in the first trimester will give your baby birth defects." Horrible. Also, unscientific and not true!

    I have definitely seen with my own eyes that God seems to make babies come out pretty well despite what we eat, and I worry less now. I actually would be eating whatever I wanted (well, no soft cheese or raw fish) except for acid reflux! I wasn't able to eat anything remotely normal for a week. Now I just don't have much taste for dairy or desserts.

    Simple meal tip: pierce and microwave baby red potatoes till well cooked. Cut in half and arrange skin side up on a plate. Smash aggressively (your kids will enjoy that part if you can figure out how to include them!) so that you have pulverized potato with skins on the top. Spread with cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon, chopped ham or maybe healthier stuff--whatever you want. Microwave again to get the toppings heated. Mix aggressively. Enjoy!

  2. Water not only made me nauseous first tri this pregnancy but actually made me puke a few times... it was gatorade if anything for a month!

    Good luck with meal planning, I got nothing. Though I heard these are amazing...

  3. heidi - its funny how that is true. i am fine with coffee drinking but i just dont want it. same with sushi. i have had a little but its just not appealing. mainly i just want simple semi-bland food. fun stuff huh :) i like your meal suggestion! if only my kids ate mashed potatoes...maybe they would if they got to mash themselves!
    beth - so the water thing isnt just me? its so weird i have puked from it too. i have to drink herbal tea to get liquid many days. also i have loved hot water with honey and a bit of lemon juice. (also helpful for my cold that wont go away) thanks for the recipe. i will have to look!

  4. Well, I hope you feel better soon. I have truly loved any of the recipes that I've tried (I guess they're anti-recipes, right?). So, once your feeling better, you'll have to post more so that I can feed my family! Ha! I seriously love the beef stew and the chicken chilli one. I don't know that I have any meal suggestions, alas, you could mix up the bagel pizzas with english muffin pizzas, french bread pizzas and pita pizzas. One possible alternative is a quasi-greek salad atop a pita--Not that my kids would actually eat this, but they are super-picky. It's just a simple coating of the pita with olive oil, crumble feta, some sliced/diced red onions and red peppers, followed by some pitted kalamata olives. Shake a little greek oregano on top. Bake at 450 for like 5-10 minutes. Best wishes that you can stomach more goodies soon. (And, about the nitrates, I heard that if you drink Orange Juice--and perhaps equally acidic alternatives?--you can minimize that effect. Not that I'm a scientist or anything.)


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