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Saturday, May 28, 2011

fairy gardens

So, I just got done watching Tinkerbell, with the kids of course. HA. My sister's daughter is way into fairies and Tinkerbell so we got to share the magic when she brought the movie to our family get together at my parents farm this weekend.

If you know me, and have for awhile, you will know that I was totally into dollhouses and tiny things as a child, er, teenager, er, I still love it.

So, if I can't make vegetables grow maybe I could make a fairy, for the kids of course...out on our patio?

Totally doing this. Seems like the perfect anecdote for my crazy past few weeks and the crazy month ahead (actually working a bit again!) Will post pics of the final result. Because I know you are all DYING to know how it turns out.

PS If you google fairy gardens you will see people are totally cukoo about these things. Garden shows. For fairy gardens. I see a hobby in my future, for when I am old with long grey dreads, after a day at the farm with my dairy goats. Don't you want to know me then?? HA.


  1. I love it! Claire got a Fairy Garden kit for a bday present, and it was superfun. It's just a dish garden, with little ceramic toadstools that she painted, and she carefully waters it every day. So cute! Plus, the seeds that it came with were wheat grass and beans, so it was almost instant gratification as they sprouted within a couple of days of planting.

    The teeny tiny bridge and hut in that picture are so adorable! Makes me kind of want one, too! And fairy garden shows? I can totally imagine that scene. LOL!

  2. My daughter wants a house "with a backyard" instead of the apartment we're in now for one reason: to build a fairy garden. We've tried to satisfy this deep and burning desire by letting her build a fairy house in her grandparents' backyard on a visit (well, in truth, my dad built the house long before she came - it was an elaborate doll house, fully furnished, that made me envious, but I digress). We also put together a fairy garden in a big shallow dish and placed it by the window.

    So far, we haven't caught any fairies, but we have learned a great deal about their natural history - some from the Tinkerbell movies and some straight from my daughter's imagination. Did you know, for example, that birds pick up fairies and bury them with sticks in their nest, but it's OK because it keeps the fairies safe from dogs and cats?


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