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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

on reordering the house

Ugh. Is all I can say about rearranging the house. Ugh. (Also why I havent blogged yet this week. I am not good at being creative in chaos.)

So, with baby number three impending (four months, eek) we had been contemplating a move to a "for real house" with bedrooms corresponding to the number of children we are anticipating, a proper kitchen with a dishwasher, a big yard etc. But, it looks like that is not to be. Not only is the housing market crazy (lots of cheap houses for sale but really hard to get a mortgage=lots of high rental prices!) but we realized how much we appreciate dada's 15 minute commute by bus into downtown. We were contemplating the suburbs (the yards! the gardening! the schools! the houses! the shopping malls!) but its just too far right now.

So we are staying in the city. Maybe planting some nice flowers (this yard does NOT like gardens) and shopping at the city's largest farmers market, less than a mile away.

And, we are rearranging the entire house. How, you ask?

Ha. Well....

The downstairs family room has become...a massive family bedroom. Yes. Sleeping in the same room as our children. Crazy? Maybe. But we figure we spend half the night getting up with either of them so why not. Its a huge room and we are gonna get that adorable IKEA bunkbed that everyone gets to put in the corner for them. And you know, really, we have always loved staying in hotel rooms where we were all together and we have coveted a yurt for years, with a big huge open living and sleeping space, so really this is no different. Yes, we are odd.

The old "master" bedroom is now the TV room, it turned out to be a really nice space. And the kids room is a play room, bright and sunny and filled to the brim.
the living room, minus some toys, plus more seating.
i plan on taking out most of the toys once the playroom is in order.
notice, my mom chair, in the sun, where i am sitting now,
blogging, ignoring my girl throwing all the playdoh on the floor.
Now to get everything organized. Double ugh. I have to step around boxes to get to the laundry room. The problem is the downstairs closets were FULL of toys and clothes and crafty stuff. Now all of those things are in my laundry area to make room for our clothes.

The other thing I was thinking was MORE STORAGE. I scoured craigslist and found a few new shelving options with plans to get even more once we start putting things away.

So, we shall see. Maybe it will help, maybe not.

In the meanwhile its nice to have a fresh take on the space.

our big giant sunny bedroom, and yes, i will squeeze in the
little baby cosleeper when the time comes too...
the kids bed...soon to be replaced by said adorable bunkbeds.
shelving! more room for knick-knacks!
no, seriously i am a huge knick-knack
person but i put them all away when
we moved here...except for a few
baby friendly things...
time to get more out!

more kitchen shelving. YAY.

also, fresh lilacs from outside help...

why, hello there.

the playroom. i have my work cut out for me. (also,
very industrious auntie cari is coming over today. i am
hoping she might give a hand...)
what to do with all these toys!?
hmmm...big church garage sale coming up...
this is where little man, and usually little miss, spend EVERY
morning. i kinda miss our cozy mornings while i drink tea and
they play next to me but...the amount of toys was getting
kinda outa control. plus, the quiet is kinda nice...
plus, this is all the er, crap, he insists on storing in his castle.
you would get tired of that every morning too, right?
(notice the cup of half dollars which dada has started
bribing little man with, plus the popcorn
- hungry? have some popcorn! -
plus the integrated play pieces...every castle needs
a tiger and firefighter, right? )


  1. I love your mom chair in the sun :-). Looks perfectly cozy. So does the house :-).

  2. I love your reorganization. Inspiring!

  3. oh, i like it! nice work, sometimes change is just wants needed. :)


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