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Friday, May 6, 2011

springtime on the road

Fuzzy green trees lining the horizon
Clumping in the muddy fields like schoolgirls
Sun rays pelting through the clouds
Long slants touching silos, barns, crumbling with age
Dousing the landscape in light, now dark
Ponds reflecting the scene back again, in admiration
Murky rivers, churning with winters residue, escaping into fields
All flashing by in a golden greenish blur, springtime on the road


  1. Sara, this reminds me of something in Red Wing. I wonder if you ever saw it? Along county road 19 towards Cannon Falls there used to be a poem painted on the sides of barns. Some of the barns still have parts of the poem, but many of them have fallen into disrepair. I think the entirety of it can be found at the historical society though.

    Anyway, I always enjoy your poems and blogs.

  2. If you go to: You'll see what I'm talking about. Or here:

  3. thanks for sharing tammy! i love that! i havent seen them but maybe this summer i will have to look around...


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