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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our playroom

Finally, after more than a week of a messy unorganized house today I worked up some energy to do up the kid's playroom.

It turned out like this:

getting flowing curtains to stay up with
flimsy string did cause some swearing
on my part...the kids were out of the room.
this would work better with a large hula hoop,
if you were inclined to try it at home. i only
had a grapevine that is what i girl likes it though :)

a little hippy bed-sharing family. HA.

it took my 20 minutes to sort through the crap in his castle.
he was quite pleased.

i kind of love it.


  1. looks so fun and cute-- I want to play in it!! :) great job- funny how mixing things up in the playroom can reignite the kids' interest...hopefully you can get some good independent play from them for a little while...! :)

  2. What a great space!! Organized and welcoming and just the right size for little hands. Well done!


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