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Friday, June 3, 2011

baby thoughts...

So, yes, baby is a long ways off. 13 weeks? 15 weeks? Depending on when little he or she decides to arrive...

However. I, being a planner, have already started to rearrange the house, thinking about where to squeeze in a bassinet and where to store little ones clothing.

I have also started making lists. I love lists. I call them "nice things" lists and I have whole folders on my computer of nice things I have wanted at one point or another, not even that I wanted it all but, as inspiration, like how you look at pretty blogs (not mine HA) full of gorgeous pictures and inspiring posts. I like to look at these nice things lists and dream up what the future holds. Maybe it makes me feel more "in control"? Who knows.

For now I dream. I make lists. Here is part of it.

i know it totally looks funny
with the hat so much bigger than
the sleeper below.
hopefully this will not
be my baby's proportions.

for some reason i imagine this baby in grey,
gender neutral clothing...i keep having to remind
myself that even if we DON'T know the gender
the baby will in fact HAVE a gender.
go HERE for this sleeper, hat is the same brand

i think i am gonna buy this. also i am gonna buy new
diaper covers and pocket dipes. i know, i know, i have
posted about how they are "a snap" to sew but...
i am lazy and tired and...oh well.
go HERE for this cover
i LOOOOOVE pilot caps on little tiny babies.
go HERE for the hat

again with the gender neutral clothing...but i have wanted
silk/wool blend underclothes for my babies since i learned
of the wonder of such things...gotta do it.
go HERE for the pants and shirt

i adore this woollen suit.
look at it HERE

this is a baby kick sack. i plan on knitting it. in my spare time.
download pattern for free HERE (on Ravelry, you may have to
join the site but its free and sooo great!!)

i also plan on knitting this. in a better color though
Ravelry pattern HERE

another wool sleep sack
(not sure where i found it...)

i also plan on knitting this
download from ravelry HERE

my sister will laugh at me for this but i TOTALLY
want a babywearing poncho for this baby...
isnt it great?? dont you want one too?
or maybe i just want to be a skinny scandanavian
mama hiking the fijords with my baby??
(possibly the latter is the true appeal but nevertheless)
hmmm...i wonder if i could find an old poncho in a
thrift store and simply cut a hole for baby??
will post if it works... :)
(this version is $220. not gonna happen)
(if YOU wanna pay that much, you can buy it HERE)


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