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Monday, June 20, 2011

thoughts on being lazy

dream house great room
I woke up this morning and just didn't feel motivated to do anything. Its a grey day. Windy, humid, hints of rain in the air. I have a hard time getting going on these kinds of days. And its not like I have a headache or am crabby or the kids are crabby. I just don't FEEL like being productive.

So, I am not going to.

Its not often this mama does that. Its my JOB to be busying around here, being productive, being creative, and making merriment for little people.

So far I have spent the day in my "mama chair" laptop on my lap designing my dream great room on this nifty site my friend showed me. (see results of hours of puttering online above. Isnt it lovely??)

I havent attempted the sink full of dishes. I havent even eaten lunch. Just sweet rolls and coffee. (Which maybe further explains my pounding heart and lack of energy. HA.)
And you know? Its been a really pleasant day! The kids played all morning, then watched a movie. They ate popsicles and peanut butter sandwiches outside while I sipped at coffee. I did sweep and wipe up the floor. ANTS. And I did throw in a load of laundry (pee pee accident by little miss).

Otherwise. Nothing. Now the kids are playing and/or cuddling next to me and the breeze is coming in the window and the sun is trying to come out.

I have a busy week ahead. A trip to visit a dear friend (leaving my babies for a weekend!) And then in a few weeks I may go away for a WHOLE WEEK to teach, in an attempt to reclaim my pre-baby brain cells. We shall see it that is possible.

For now though. I sit. I blog. I dream. And I perhaps will eat some bread and cheese and sweet tea soon.

And I am content. Which is a good thing to embrace every now and then. Along with laziness, I say.


  1. hmmm. the sun IS out now. i might have to go do the dishes after all...

  2. Sounds like a PERFECT lazy day! I love your dream, polyvore is super fun to play with. It's like doll houses for grown ups.

  3. PS--I replied to your comment on polyvore but thought I'd let you know here in case you didn't recheck there....


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