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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

where i am at

Don't you love this song? And also, isnt Lisa Loeb just so cute?


  1. Oh my gosh, Lisa Loeb looks so young. I'm looking up how old she is now... 43 (born on March 11, same day as my daughter).

  2. i know huh?? i think this video was back in 2000, if that makes you feel better :)

    (this is sara - does anyone know why blogger is being so weird. how come you can sign as yourself allison and i cant?? the rejection hurts....)

  3. oh my gosh, i've got to download this album on itunes.

  4. i know! its such a great one, isnt it? (totally was thinking of you when i posted this anne...our late teen angstful beer/chocolate consumption, listening to this album)

  5. yay blogger! it works! if anyone else is having this problem you have to sign out of google, delete your browser history and cookies, turn off your computer, restart it, then log back in to google first, then blogger but UNCLICK the "stay signed in button" that is DONT CHECK YES to stay signed in.
    phew. that was driving me BATTY.

  6. do you guys have her children's album? it's a colab with another artist, and it's LOVELY.


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