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Thursday, February 16, 2012

anti-recipe #46 peanut butter cups

So Valentines Day. Stuck at home with the kids all day. Dada working his restaurant job, making the big bucks. We are at home. Missing him. Without a car. So I think, lets make him treat! (And order a pizza!) So we make peanut butter cups.

Its amazing how easy these are to make, and how superior they are to the Reeses cups. Seriously. They are.

Line a muffin tin with papers. (This will make 12 cups) Melt a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring every minute. It took 2 minutes or so. Spoon a teaspoon of chocolate into each paper cup, using a spoon to draw the chocolate up the sides of the paper (I didnt really two this as I had two eager, "helpers" - and I use that term VERY loosely - and a screeching baby in the sling...) Put the tin in the freezer. It will be hard in 15 minutes. Mix one cup, or so, of peanut butter, I used creamy all natural yadda yadda, Jiffy would be fine too! Add 1/4 cup honey, I use raw honey. Or you can use powdered sugar. Add some rock salt. Mix and dab a teaspoon or so of the mixture on your hardened chocolate base.  I put a layer of peanuts in some of the cups for extra crunch. Now cover with more melted chocolate, carefully closing the gap around the edge so its "sealed" (Yea, didnt do that at all)
Let harden for 30 minutes or so.

Take out of freezer.


So. Damn. Good.


  1. oh, this one is definitely happening. Wow!

  2. I tried it. And I didn't even add the honey or rock salt. How bad is it that your anti-recipe had like 4 ingredients, and I didn't even read it thoroughly enough to remember the other two--Ha! And they were still deee-lish. I tried them out on company tonight and they were a hit.


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