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Monday, February 13, 2012

random thoughts and a pretty valentines day bunting

Our wireless router is out. This is very inconvenient for me. It means I can only access the internet (read, blogging and pinterest) from our gloomy messy basement with the kids running around me (because they cant be on a different floor than me, heaven forbid!) getting into things, rummaging through our storage room (MOM, we are OUT OF GRAHAM CRACKERS! God help us all!) Little miss finds the water gushing out from the washing machine fascinating, which is really funny to me. I am just going to watch the water Mom! Um. OKAY?

And so. And so it goes.

It is grey out again today. This really makes my thoughts less coherent, yet more fluid. And so I type, and you the lucky beneficiaries. HA.

I may finangle this trip to the sun to lead a workshop after all. We shall see. A whole week in the sun, just me and baby? Crazy. Its weird how settled I can get, I need to heave myself out of the monotony every now and then, rediscover how much I do love adventure. But that transition, that heaving of self, is always such an effort. But, the best opportunities in life are, despite the initial fling off of the proverbial cliff. One, two, three, just do it. Some days this is as simple as putting on honest-to-God jeans and taking the kids to the mall. Other times it is more. This trip is one of those times. I also need to sit down and find somewhere to resubmit my scratchings. Which is one of those working up the nerves situations. So far though, my energy today is to remain pleasant with my children who really miss dada on Monday mornings and to get through the mountain of laundry that has somehow accumulated throughout the house. This is enough for the moment.

So the sugar free thing. Ugh. Thrush, again, I am so tired of it. So my midwives say to go off all yeast, sugar, fruit, dairy and alcohol (havent managed those last two yet!) in order to get it out of my system for good. Fun times. In the meanwhile, I have discovered a great way to make a sugar free vanilla latte! A strong pressing of coffee in the French press, milk heated in the micro, add a splash of vanilla, a tsp of maple syrup, one single drop of stevia to the milk, whisk, add to coffee. YUM. This is how I am overcoming, that and my guilt free chocolate treat which I will post in a bit.

So, my week.

We made this super sweet Valentines Day bunting at the beginning of the month. It was our first successful craft in awhile. I cut the hearts out of felt and little man arranged them in the pattern, with some craft-store purchased pom-poms interspersed in there. He loved doing this and even threaded several himself, using a giant yarn needle and yarn.

Oh my gosh. I wish you could see my baby right now, she has just woken up (in the wrap, yes) and her fat face is smiling up at me, drool pouring from her fat little mouth. Its amazing.

So, our bunting. Yes. What does dada think of hearts and pom-poms adorning his house? Well, he is our dada. He didnt even notice when he came in from work (how can you notice anything with two rowdy children flinging themselves at you!) So I point them out and he comes back in the room, nuzzling our fat baby, and says, "I think I have the most adorable family in the entire world."


I love him.


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