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Friday, February 3, 2012

good times, bad times

Its been one of those weeks. I cant get my feet underneath me.

Things feel big. I feel little.

I therefore tend to be un-bloggy. My thoughts are a jumble of woulda coulda shoulda. Nothing succinct and/or witty and/or poignant.

My parenting skills are lacking this week. They say, another video? I say, sure, why the heck not. Fact is, all I want to do is hibernate too. Not think. Not move. Not do laundry or pick up or change another pair of soggy training pants.
I am fine, sure. I guess. Mostly I just am. You know those weeks?

Baby wont lay down for a nap on her own. People I love give me a hard time. ("Just put her down and let her cry" they say. But, I say. I CANT DO THAT) My lovey children are either TV zombies or wild soccer-ball-kicking-couch-cushion-bouncing hooligans. And I want to go teach in a sunny place and have been invited to do so but there is no way our little family can make it work. And it is grey out. And muddy.

And then my little lovey children look at me with little lovey faces and I just want to melt into a ball of goo.

And the baby is on the floor, yelling for me.

And I make a pot of tea. And I pick her up. And I wait for spring.


  1. Not trying to give you a hard time....unsolicited advice..sorry.


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