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Friday, March 2, 2012

a sweater suit for baby from an old cardigan

Yes, still more sweater crafts. Until I move somewhere tropical like Florida or Fuji or Hawaii (sigh!) I will be at it I suppose. My sister recently cleaned out her closet and gave me some old sweaters. One was a lovely purple colored cardigan, with silky buttons, nothing I would wear but OH, so sweet as a little suit for baby. It really was simple, and so cute. I made a matching pixie hat for baby out of a leftover shoulder piece, of course. Unfortunately its much too big for her this year, so no pics of her modeling it.

Here is a step by step in pictures. Seriously if you can cut and sew a seam you can make this!

my initial sweater, move the buttons so it fits down one leg...

just grab a baby jumper that you like the shape of.
this is a Zutano suit, i love that it has more room
for a cloth diaper butt :) i made the legs longer though.
do you see how i have the buttons coming down one leg?

here is what the kids did so i could sew...

...eating noodles while watching TV

sorry this is so fuzzy! but, you can see the shape here.

now i simply chopped off the sleeves to be short enough
(they were narrow enough
to not need chopped up smaller)

a finished suit. SO CUTE.
And there you have it. Soooo easy, right?


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