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Friday, March 23, 2012

to the about-to-be-mama

Two dear friends are about to have their first baby, one my own sweet little sister (who I clearly remember as a newborn, my nose pressed up against the glass of the hospital nursery, to see the little squalling pink bundle) the other a grad school friend, back from work overseas.

This is an exciting, amazing time in a woman's life. Transformative in so many ways. Do you remember?

You read books. You paint the nursery. You fold diapers. You look up burping techniques on the internet. You read about swaddling. You dream. You plan. You get a little panicky. But. It will happen. It will come.

And the thing is - and this is key - YOU CAN DO IT.

You can.


First there is labor. Oh so much worry. You try not to read horror birth stories (like mine, oops!) You take your classes. You practice breathing.

Here is my best advice for this.

Trust your body. Trust the process. Let it happen. Be open.

And I really think it is a mental game. The pain, its so so, its bad, yes, terrible at times. But mostly its the waiting. The not knowing. The "what-if-my-body-cant-do-this" vibe.


You are powerful. Your body is amazingly and wonderfully MADE to give birth. And for those instances where c-section does result (mine!) ITS OKAY. You still did it.

My next bit of advice.

Breathe. No, really. That is all. Breathe. Just do it. One. Contraction. At. A. Time.

You can do this, remember. Just one. That is all you have to do right now. It really is about being in the moment. Dont get caught up in how dilated you are, how much longer is this going to f-ing take?? (And you WILL do this, I did with all three labors) STAY IN THE MOMENT. Enjoy it. YOU ARE HAVING A BABY. A new life, into the world, you are doing it.


And that is my final bit of advice. You rock. You are an all-star-super-amazing-being. YOU ROCK. And this, this is the best thing you will ever do. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself.

And then, the same advice goes for once baby does come. That tiny little bundle. In your arms. What now, you blink at each other??

Trust yourself. Listen to your instincts. Baby needs milk? Feed him. Baby needs held? Hold him. Dont time feedings. Dont chart out naps (Oh, I TOTALLY did this with little man) Dont get caught up in what you "should do." Do what YOU do, as a mother, feel it out, listen to your gut.

You are about to be an amazing creature. A mama. And you, you will ROCK.


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