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Friday, March 9, 2012

woolen overalls for baby

So, I made a pair of these sweet overalls for baby weeks ago but never took pictures. They really are my go-to winter outfit for her, that and her lovely silk/wool blend long sleeve shirt underneath. No worry about a cover for the fitted diaper she wears, the wool does the trick nicely.

The other day I made a few more pairs, both lighter weight to be able to use into the summer. Wool is wonderful for summer too. It breathes more than plastic covers do! One out of a vintage pink wool sweater, the other out of a bright green cashmere sweater I got at Target on the cheap years ago. Both pairs are so yummy.

Anyway, so I decided to chop up another sweater and show you how to make a pair too, in case you are interested. And I swear, this is the last of sweater chopping posts. Seriously. (What, you dont believe me?? WHY NOT?? Do you think I have a problem or something??? HA.)

So, as the children watched cartoons and the baby cooed on the floor and the sun streamed in the window, I sewed. (And I took pictures this time.)

the cashmere overalls for spring and summer
notice how brothers toys are WAY more interesting :)

cut off your sweater arms and cut slits on the seam. measure to get it right.
these will be big and more for next winter. you want the slit high enough
to make up the body of the overalls.

i would cut up the sweater to make the top part of the bodice but i cut off the arms
of this super soft sweater and kind of liked it...for me...

the pants, sewn up. (yes, little miss is
sitting in a box)

the bodice, cut from another sweater. sides sewn up

getting ready to sew the pieces together.

while i left to feed the baby the kids stole the camera
and took pictures. HA.

not bad, right?


the sewn up overalls

the buttons added

i am scared of the button hole attachment and confess i never use it. i just
zig zag stich back and forth and cut a hole in the middle

the (much too big) woolen overalls

i made this little dress for her the other day.
(since this is my last woolen project post)
the pic is fuzzy because she WONT HOLD STILL
seriously, while i was putting buttons on she scooched
across the entire floor of the TV room, chasing a balloon
(which is funny itself because i literally had a panic
attack the first time little man, at 9months, came into
contact with a balloon. HE WILL CHOKE AND DIE!
and now i am telling the kids to move it around to get
her to chase it. HA HA.

isnt she delicious??


sisters. (yes, i had just nursed her. HA)


  1. My kiddos are beyond diapers now, but when they were still cloth diapered, I made lots of woolen covers from sweaters, too. I never thought to make overalls, though! Wonderful idea! And she and her sister are adorable together!


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