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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

felt flower dolls

I had it in my head to make a whole bright colorful garden of small pocket "flower dolls" for little miss for her birthday. I got as far as my prototype, this lovely little rose doll, and her baby.

I got the idea from this site which I found on my new ultimate time-suck, Pinterest. (ACK. DONT JOIN, or do, whatever. HA) And then from my new fav crafty book "The Children's Year" which is amazing.

I love this little doll. I had a hard time giving her up. I am totally making more, which may or may not be for the little miss to play with. HA HA.

i cut a round circle for the bottom, then a rectangle type shape for the body
trimming to make the cone shape of the body. then i added a little
wool stuffed head and sewed it all together. i put some rice in the body
and then stuffed with wool to make it more stable for playing with
(if i let her play with it, HA)

this is the book. so fun
i cut a large flower shape with a hole in the middle for the layers
of petals. and then a similiar one for the hat, out of pink
then green. (obviously, HA.)
the finished doll and her baby, rosebud.

our nature table basket, all ready for spring
the rosebud baby was made very simply with a folded piece of felt and
a little scrap of peach for the face, all stuffed with a bit of rice and some wool.
her bedding was made out of a leaf shape, sewn like a sleeping bag.

our nature table. with spring books and our flower dolls. i am making more
and i also want to make a robin, nest, and eggs.

Fun, right?

Okay. It is 50 degrees here and I promised some antsy little children a walk to the park. Happy Spring! (soon!!)


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