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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a country drive

Another perk about being in the country, the summer drive. Windows down, breeze driving away the mosquitos, sun flickering through the leaves of the trees, the smell of grills and mown grass (and yes, farm animals) wafting through the air.

We love a good drive.

With kids of course, this is more challenging. I must admit we have on more than one occassion handed off the Ipod to the kids for a good round (or two, or ten) of Angry Birds, the only video type game we have allowed them to come close to...(for better or for worse)

Sometimes the golden silence is worth it.

So this weekend we took a drive.

Its been a hard few weeks folks, it has. A member of my extended family passed away, rather suddenly. The banks are putting us through the wringer, trying to get a mortgage. Renting is suddenly looking really good again. And now all three of my babies are sick. Again. All of them. At the same time. Grandma just walked in with homeopathic remedies. Ah, reinforcements! Yay! Summer colds are the worst. That sweaty feverish snot dripping hacking feeling. UGH. (Of course I have it too but mama's are not allowed to get sick so....) We are drinking my cold remedy tea (1/4 cup kombucha, or more, fresh lemon juice, raw honey, in a pot of hot water)  and drinking down spoonfuls of elderberry syrup.

In any case.

But we went for a drive this weekend. And it was perfect. So here are pictures of that.


  1. Bummer about the colds- but I love the pictures!! That part of MN/WI will always be "home" to me. :)


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