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Thursday, February 7, 2013

birdie birdie out my window

So, I've decided one day when I am done with my goat-farming-cheese-making-yurt-living-homeschooling-best-selling-author-international-do-gooder-and-etc life I am going to be one of those crazed bird watching ladies.

I tell dada this at dinner last night and he says, "well, you've got the crazy part down."


A few weekends ago dada and the kiddies built a bird feeder. He simply nailed it down onto the rails of the deck, right outside. I can see it as I stand at the sink, or as we are sitting at the table eating lunch. Right there.

At first we had only a few timid fly bys. Then one brave blue jay came and sat and ate some seeds and flew away after a few minutes. I told little man I bet he would go tell all his blue jay friends that we are nice and the seeds were good. And indeed, the next day there were FOUR jays hovering around. And then a friendly little group of dark birds that we found were called dark-eyed junkos. And then a few chickadees. Then, finally, a bright cardinal came swooping in one day. We were excited. And last weekend, we saw a giant prehistoric looking woodpecker, a pileated woodpecker, circling a dead tree right at the edge of our woods. Seriously freaky looking birds.

Baby dear loves looking at them as much as the kids. She is often the one to call out "JUNCO!" or "JAY JAY JAY!"
the little dark eyed junco

gorgeous tail feathers!

Of course this has inspired many pictures, entries in our nature journal, and yesterday a few poems. I cant wait for spring to bring us more little birdie friends!

(Yes, I jus wrote that. I am totally talking like a kindergarten teacher in this post. OUR LITTLE FEATHERY FRIENDS ARE SO PRETTY, ARENT THEY CLASS? HA.)

Dark Eyed Junco you are so sweet
a friendly little bird to meet!
Blue Jay Blue Jay
dont fly away!
Blue Jay Blue Jay
come to stay!

Woodpecker, woodpecker
pecks so loud
Woodpecker, woodpecker
arent you proud?
Cardinal Cardinal
in the snow
Cardinal Cardinal
please dont go!

Well, well, on my way to crazy bird lady.


  1. Any problems with squirrels taking the food? We have each bird you mentioned, plus white-throated sparrows, tufted titmouses, chickadees, and Carolina wrens. And I am always WAAAAAAY more excited about the birds than my kids are. Oh, well!


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