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Monday, February 11, 2013

keeping your head in the game

Sometimes it is just so darn easy for me to decide to tune out.

Like when its 2:48pm, dada isnt due home until 6, I have no idea what to make for dinner, the kiddos are arguing in the background, and I sit down to blog, ignoring it all. (WHO ME? DO THAT? RIGHT NOW? Yes. Fine. Yes.)

So, a pep talk for myself.

No amount of chocolate or coffee can do this. This is a head game. This is me needing to reengage. Get in there mama! Get back in the game!

But. But. But.

I slept like crap last night. The kids sniffles have turned into coughs and now I have it too. Blech. We tried to go outside but it was windy and cold. And the fresh foot of snow was whipping around us like icy confetti. And we gave up and came in.

And now they are wandering around the house, baby is going up to random baskets and shelves and tossing things on the floor, you know, what she does. (So delightful)
her stinker face.
no un-fuzzy pics of her these days because she WONT HOLD STILL

And little miss is hanging out in the chair making random toys talk to each other.

Baby is now at my knee, "UP, baby, UP, baby." (She refers to herself as "green" or baby these days, ha!)

And you know the solution (as I come back to type an hour later)? It is simple. Get UP and KEEP MOVING. Do not stop moving. Eventually you will get it all done.

listening to books on tape. SO CUTE. EEEEE.
Or it will be bedtime and they will go to sleep. Eventually. And then you can stop. With a glass of wine. Or a mug of tea.

And now. To keep moving.

Here is hoping you keep it moving too mommies.... And get your glass of wine tonight...

And then tomorrow. WE DO IT AGAIN!

Happy Monday!


  1. yes - one long day after another - and they all add up to a life well attended to and babies become grown ups, and you still hear the exasperated 'oh, mom!' but it is the BEST THING YOU WILL EVER DO!! its just so hard to see that from the side you are on... :) carry on June!!! red or white?

  2. this comment made me so happy to read. big hugs friend. :)


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