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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


That should be said like Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam.

Hi. I am super hopped up on caffeine right now. So much that I cant spell. Caffiene? Caffeine?

No idea.

I've been wanting to start getting up early. Like, dark early, for awhile now. Dada does it, why not me?

But then I tried it in the first week of January, and I was like, oh, right, I am totally not a morning person. I felt blearly eyed and tired. And after two attempts I gave up.

And then I rolled into February. February. Less pressure to "start afresh" and somehow it feels easier to then start afresh. You know? I packed up wintery decor yesterday and planted some indoor nasturiums (spelling??) no, not nasturiums, narscisuss. (cant say it, cant spell it.) (Lord, someone take AWAY the coffee) In any case. I saved a few bulbs when we planted them back in October (remember, F is for flower?) And I just stuck them in a large clear vase, filled with pebbles and water. (If they actually bloom I will be sure to share, HA.)

And so this past weekend I thought, I am TOTALLY getting up early. I need to.

Not being a morning person means I have a certain level of resentment toward my dear kiddies when the first thing I hear after I open eyes is something like "MOOOOMMM I'M DONE WITH MY POOOOOOOP"

Sigh, roll out of bed. Here we go again.

Much nicer to be sitting in the living room, sipping my (second giant cup) of coffee, to greet little people with a smile.

So, confession, Sunday night baby was up ALL. THE. TIME. Coughing, hacking. They have wee little colds, again. (Wee is a good word. I need to use it more). Hacking n coughing n hacking n coughing. Little man's has cleared up. Little miss is thtill talking like thith becauthe her nothe ith thoooooo thtuffy. (Arent I FUN hopped up on coffee?????? HA HA) Little toddler dear threw up she is so congested (yesterday, while she was strapped into my chest in the Ergo. THAT WAS FUN)

So. I wasnt planning to actually wake up.

But then baby toddler dear woke up at 5am (hackingcoughinghackingcoughing) and by 5:30 I gave up, and I got up. wasnt that bad. I made coffee for me and dada. Kissed him goodbye. Snuggled up baby dear into her "bwanket" and she went back to sleep before the sun rose. And then the sun came through the curtains as I was reading various inspirational books, that I otherwise have no time to read, and well, it was rather lovely. And then little miss woke up (hackingcoughinghackingcoughing) and then fell back asleep, snuggled into me in my chair.

Such a nicer way to start out the day.

And it all happened again today, for the same reasons, though today at 6am, after a much better nights sleep.

And. Here I am. Writing a blog post at quarter till 9. Kids dressed, fed. Mommy appropriately (over) caffeinated.

February. You are my friend.

Oh, and I got our first seed catalog yesterday. (Catalogue?)

March. You are my better friend. HA.

Happy mornings mommies. Dare you (non morning mommies) to try this too. Seriously. Pretty great.


  1. Ha, Ha! Great post! Yes I too am usually wrenched out of bed by loud shouts of "I'M DONE"!! sigh!
    Way to go on getting up early...I haven't had much success in my recent efforts.- So you go girl!


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