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Thursday, January 23, 2014

trying to nap down baby

"Mama. I sleepy. See my eyes. Dem are tired and sleepy eyes. Mama. I take nappy?"

(Sigh. Puts down laptop and hot cup of tea)

"Guys. Mama needs to go put baby down for a nap. Please play quietly okay? Please? Are you even listening to me?"

(Children playing Duplos and Legos barely look up, acknowledge, barely, by a nod of the head)

"Do you hear me?"

"Yes mama, we hear you."

"Come on baby."

(Baby nurses, snuggles, etc. Eyes close. VICTORY. Door to bedroom opens. Eyes pop open)

"Mama. I need to take a nap too."

"Really? Yea, you do look tired. Okay. Fine. Lay down. But quiet!"

(4 yr old snuggles in, Duplo creations in hand. Baby sees Duplo creations. Baby wants her own Duplo creations.)

"Where my guys? I want my guys!"

"Okay baby, I will get them."

(4 yr old retrieves Duplo creations, hands them off to baby, who puts them to sleep on mama's pillow, pushing mama to the side.)

"Okay. Now can we sleep?"

"Okay mama, okay."

"Mama? My more milky?"

"Yes, yes,okay, come here."

(Baby closes eyes, almost asleep, and then...the door opens. Again. Brother comes in. Baby's eyes pop open. Again.)

"I want to snuggle too."

"Okay, fine. But seriously guys, QUIET."

(Silence for approximately 1.5 minutes. Brother scoots under the quilts. Sister follows. Baby giggles and follows too. Mama closes her eyes. Counts to ten.)

"Okay, kids. Baby needs to sleep. Get out if you aren't going to sleep. Okay??"

"Okay mama."

"I am gonna sleep in here. I'm a bear. Its my cave."

"No. Its not a cave. Its my bed. If you aren't going to sleep GO PLAY."

(Silence for approximately 30 seconds, cue giggling which of course, turns to crabbing 30 seconds later.)

"He kicked me!"

"I did NOT!"

"Okay, get out, both of you. OUT."

"Okay. Okay. We're going."

"Me too. All done with nappy mama. I go play now too."

(Kids leave room. Mama sighs, pulls blanket over her head. Baby shuts door behind her then comes back in the room.)

"Mama, you comin'? GET UP."

"Yes. Mama is coming."

(Mama heats up tea, sucks it down, makes more tea, then makes brownies. It's all gonna be alright. right?? )

(And as I type....honest to gosh...)



(NOTE TO SELF: Sara, you don't know how to make brownies without following a recipe. LOOK UP THE RECIPE GIRL!)


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