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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

you know, a day

I just spent 20 minutes scraping mermaid stickers off the kitchen chairs.

Ah, the glamour. The glamour of motherhood.

And yes, I'm wearing the fuzzy pants today. Again.

It's one of those "get-crap-done" days. Make the phone calls you've been avoiding (How big are my library fines??) Scrape the stickers off the chairs. I even scrubbed the dishwasher interior clean.

Pause to note, have you ever had the pleasure of scrubbing out the inside of a fairly old dishwasher in a rental house.

NOT for the faint of heart.

It took an hour and my hands are burnt from the bleach. And it still looks grimy.

And so it goes. You know?

And now I am faced with the age old four o'clock question dreaded by all mothers "WHAT THE HELL TO MAKE FOR DINNER?"

Sorry for the swear. But truly I have no idea what to make. Cornbread and....soup? Something like this is what is going to happen. Meanwhile the Dominoes coupons sitting in the stack of coupons in the mail are taunting me from the counter. "BUY ME. BUY ME. BUY ME."

And really I should do some writing. But REALLY I should wake up the baby, who should not be napping any longer, who has been up till 11 because of her newly revived napping habit, who is so adorably cute I somehow manage to read her books for two hours after her siblings are in bed.

Ah, me.

Yet. And yet. My kids have been super duper playing together buddies lately. I hate to even interrupt their play to call them to do school. House, with baby being "Queen" or "Princess" (she seriously wont take off this pink princess dress. EVER. I have to cajole and beg to get it off of her for bedtime and bath. She mostly wears it to bed. But as she takes it off for bath, she whispers to reassure herself "I am still a princess. I am still a princess" its literally the most adorable kid thing EVER) and little miss as "Knight" fighting off bad guys and little man as "Tiger-named CLAW" who prefers to eat meat and MUSHROOMS (no idea) and then hours of playing with Duplos, building armies and castles and then getting out the forest creatures we made baby for Christmas, talking in quiet little whispers.

And here we are. Dinner decision hour.

So Hi. That is my day. The scraping of stickers. The finding of princess slippers. The scrubbing out the dishwasher. The tripping over Duplos. The reading stories. The sweeping the floor. The folding the laundry. The deciding of the dinner menu. You know, a day.



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