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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

waiting, waiting, waiting

Waiting, for spring of course.

This is me. June. I write about my kids, cooking attempts, cleaning the house, attempts at being a professional and...the WEATHER.

Because I am boring like that.


But this is the melting time of year. One day. MELT. Next day. ICE COLD. Next day. MELT MORE. DRIP DRIP DRIP. And you think, this is it, we are done, mud and brown ugly grass here we come, then 6-8 inches of the fluffy white stuff hits you in your smug March face. HA. Just kidding! Here, have another single digit temperature day while we're at it.

Mean King Winter.

My kids totally talk about King Winter, how he is battling with the Sun King right now for who gets to be in charge. Then someday, hopefully soon, Old King Winter will pack his bags and leave for his ice palace in the north (but we ARE the north mama, little man wails, OH NO!) and then the Sun King will come, and caress the little seed babies who have slept all winter in their snug little beds, and the rain will come and wash the snow away and up, up, up, the green things will come.

Really MOM??

Yes, I promise baby.

Here is the adorable story I told the kids recently about the brave little snowdrop flower poking up through the snow and wind.



C. S. B. Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen.
The snow lay deep, for it was winter time. The winter winds blew cold, but there was one house where all was snug and warm. And in the house lay a little flower; in its bulb it lay, under the earth and the snow.

One day the rain fell and it trickled through the ice and snow down into the ground. And presently a sunbeam, pointed and slender, pierced down through the ground and tapped on the bulb.

"Come in," said the flower.

"I can't do that," said the sunbeam; "I'm not strong enough to lift the latch. I shall be stronger when the spring time comes."

"When will it come spring?" asked the flower of every little sunbeam that rapped on its door, but for a long time it was winter. The ground was still covered with snow, and every night there was ice in the water. The flower grew quite tired of waiting.

"How long it is!" it said. "I feel quite cramped. I must stretch myself and rise up a little. I must lift the latch, and look out, and say 'good morning' to the spring."

So the flower pushed and pushed. The walls were softened by the rain and warmed by the little sunbeams, so the flower shot up from under the snow, with a pale green bud on its stalk and some long, narrow leaves on either side. It was biting cold.

"You are a little too early," said the Wind and the Weather, but every sunbeam sang "Welcome," and the flower raised its head from the snow, and unfolded itself—pure and white, and decked with green stripes. It was weather to freeze it to pieces—such a delicate little flower—but it was stronger than any one knew. It stood in its white dress in the white snow, bowing its head when the snowflakes fell and raising it again to smile at the sunbeams. And every day it grew sweeter.

"Oh," shouted the children, as they ran into the garden, "see the snowdrop! There it stands so pretty, so beautiful—the first, the only one!"
our nature table dressed for spring with a little root baby and a snowdrop
(made by yours truly)

really simple to make, but kinda sweet and cute

through spring and summer we will work on new nature books combining science/nature studies and art
(and writing!) we just did another page today of robin's eggs in a nest in watercolor. LOVE THIS.

little man copying my flower diagram

school room diagram

little miss version. also with seed baby nearby. :)

and then it snows....

so we read.

and sit right here with tea.

and read more (he's amazingly proficient these days. apparently I can teach someone to love reading. WHO KNEW?)
AND little miss can now easily read simple words. YAY.

and we play.

bear sleepy in his den. is it spring yet? no? back to sleep.

and then it warms up.
so we go outside to do some of this.

and this (eating SNOW ICE CREAM. it was truly gross to me but she loved it...milk, powdered sugar, vanilla and SNOW)

and we do this.

and this. (she actually fell asleep here. in the snow and puddles. water dripping from the deck onto her face.)

a little more cozy of a spot.

but then its cold again. so we come in and do more of this.
and some this (bead stringing, excellent busy work for busy toddler hands)

and play made up board games

my cozy crew

and mama puts up spring decorations

and we hope for a rainbow soon!


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