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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

how to properly clean a stovetop

I realize I haven't been posting enough "how-to" "crafty" posts to share with you all my life in an aspiration of achieving "June-ness," pearls and all.

So here is a post to improve upon your housekeeping skills. From me to you.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. Cleaning.

First of all, its best if you wait until your stovetop is good and dirty. The results utilizing this technique are all the more apparent and miraculous then. I suggest cooking omelettes, rice, and spaghetti all with the corresponding splatters across the stove top.


Now. Fill up your tea kettle. Put it on to boil.

Yes, you read that right.

Now get out a giant mug. The biggest one you have.

Now place a tea bag of quality tea in said mug, or looseleaf tea in a tea ball if you are snobby like that (MOM.)


When the tea kettle is just reaching a rolling boil pour water into your mug.

Now pour water on your stovetop. Yes, boiling water, just a bit. DON'T put out your pilot light (I do all the time, ha!) Make sure you get all the spaghetti sauce splatters in the back corners.

Now. For the best part.

Fix your tea the way you like it (lately for me is dark, black tea with one teaspoon of sugar, no milk, which is contrary to my upbringing and feels rebellious every time I drink it.)

Now, sit. Sip. Sip slowly. Take your time. Read a magazine. Okay, no one reads magazines anymore. Get on Buzzfeed or whatever. Pinterest for me. Maybe actually do some writing.

Note, this step works best if the baby is napping and the kids are out playing in the muddy snow out in the yard.

Keep sipping.

Nice right?

Now, when you get down to the last sip you can either A) add more water, more sugar, and drink another cup or B) wipe off the stove top.

If you choose A, good for you! This is also often my preferred choice. If however, you run into the unfortunate situation which is THE KIDS COMING IN ALL MUDDY FROM PLAYING IN THE MUD/SNOW BEFORE YOU FINISH YOUR SECOND CUP or baby wakes up, or the phone rings, or an email comes through, or you realize its 3:30 and you haven't thought about dinner or the laundry needs turned around and you get distracted and forget about the water sitting on the stove top and then start the oven which cooks the spaghetti/egg/rice goo on even more, NEVER FEAR! Simply go back up to step number one, pour yourself another cup of tea, and repeat all steps until you achieve your goal...

Which is the last step...

Which is...

Take a clean rag with some dish soap and hot water and wipe up the spaghetti/egg/rice goo. It honest to God usually comes off with just a single wipe. If it doesn't, you know what to do. Start up at step one! More tea! More pinterest! Don't worry. It will get clean eventually. Like, tomorrow!

Or you could scrub it.

I am sure June would. Maybe.

There, now go get out those pearls! You are worthy!

HA. Kids just came in. And baby is now perched on my lap. Guess the stovetop will have to wait.

Happy cleaning!


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