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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a "dread-full" goodbye

Oh, yes. The title means what you think it means.

Nearly two weeks ago I was suffering from terrible headaches, several days in a row. And when I say suffer I mean SUFFER. Like, SUCKY. Like, DONT TALK TO ME.

Yes, two weeks ago. Yes, I have totally posted since then and not mentioned anything "dready", I know. I just couldn't. Not yet.

So, long story short. There is nothing significant or inspiring about it. I stood in front of the mirror with a comb, late at night, kids in bed, terrible headache, dada at work, and I started combing.

And I kept combing.

For three days.

And It Was SO Awful.

I compared it to childbirth in telling my sister about it the day after I was finally done. Standing in the shower, cramped in pain (from hours of tilting my head to comb, I'm not making this up) everyone asleep, saying to myself "I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN." and "WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF???" and crying, honest to God crying.


And then immediately in my mind "Sara, did you just compare combing your dreads out to childbirth?"

Why yes, yes, I did in fact.

And really, I woke up the next morning, when they were finally combed out and little miss greeted me with "Oh MOMMY, you look LOVELY" and right then and there my dreadlock days were over. (....for now)

And that, as they say, was that.

Really Sara? Nothing more?? No dramatic "feeling lightness and warmth and goodness spreading through your soul?"

No. Just the simple "I started combing and kept going" as an explanation. That's all I got right now. Oh, I've been thinking about it for awhile. At first when I started combing I had decided, one more summer, maybe dye them fun colors, then chop it off in the fall. But, I just kept going.

And yes, mostly its weird because, well,  I feel NORMAL again. Mousy brown shoulder length hair with no style (what resulted after combing is what I still have!)

Blah. Really blah.

Have you ever been to another country where you looked very very different? Like, when I was in South East Asia, or working in the Middle East, I got so used to the "different" looks that when I got home it felt very disconcerting (and welcome at the same time) to blend in, to longer be your "own."


I am thinking I will cut it short. (I have inches of frizz to deal with) and dye it blonde. I am not ready to be "normal" again. Although the blonde thing is hard because I am lazy. Who has time to deal with roots every 6 weeks??

Is being weirded out by normal, well, weird of me?? It totally is. No more punk kids complimenting this 30something year old mother of three on my hair. In fact. No one will. I showed up at a few places with my new "do" and people were like "huh. Its um, short now!"

And if I sound a tiny pissed, I guess I am, maybe. But it had to be done. It wasn't healthy hair anymore. It was starting to tear. I lost two locks only three inches from my scalp several weeks ago. And I had NO desire to wake up and find my hair gone AT the scalp. And also, if I started out with waist length hair four years ago (almost) imagine how long it is (was) now!!??

That is a LOT of hair. No wonder the headaches, you know?

But yes, light, and soft and all that. I put my hair up in a ponytail one day to get it out of my face and little miss says "Oh MOMMY! You look like a NORMAL MOM!"

Well, good then.

I was waiting to post something when I had decent looking hair to show as an "after" pic. But. I got nothing.

So. You get nothing.

Ha. So.

No more dreaded mama...(well, for now)

Just me. Being me.

That's all I got.

mama, she tells me. you have SPARKLY hairs!! Um, yea, that wasn't there before. crap. normal AND going grey.
time for some boxed blonde goodness :)


  1. Wow that sounds f""cki$ng painful.poor you. I keep thinking about dreads my hairs at the top of my butt but hubbies like, "no way" he loves my hair as do my boys. You still look cute but I guess a big change for you to adjust too looking so callwd the norm now, that sounds so boring doesn't it do something different but.managable that won't givebyou headaches I'm always up for ideas xxxx

    1. I love long hair too. I am thinking layers for now and grow it out. I'm sure I will emerge with a standard updo ponytail bun thing within a year. HA.

  2. For what it's worth, I really like it! I mean, did this actually cause the headaches or alleviate the headaches? Maybe doing something drastic with your hair (in this case, undreading) is a little weird--shall that suffice for a minute?

    1. thanks jayme! I was hoping it would relieve the headaches...although I have major neck issues and haven't been to my chiro in months so...HA. yes, I suppose UNDOING it can be weird enough for me for now (until I go buy some blonde hair in a box. HA)

  3. wow- I can't imagine how much that must have hurt. I combed out my one (temporary) dread back in college and it was a nightmare. You look fantastic though!

    1. THANKS! and yes. it was very owie. soooooo glad to have it done with!

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