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Thursday, April 3, 2014

getting by

I wish I could say my lack of writing here lately was because of some inspiring reason...Cleaning my house top to bottom! Homeschooling prowess that would make Mary Pride envious! (You homeschoolers know who I mean, right?) Writing day in an out like a true novelist in the making!

But no.

Instead I am in this mode...  GETTING BY.

You Northerners will know what I am talking about with this post.

There comes a point in early spring where the snow predictions (up to a foot by Friday!) and the in between days of dripping eaves, mud trekked into the house, lost mittens, wet boots, etc become a daily grind, slowly wearing you down until...You reach this point. NOT CARING.

And right now. I am in that mode. I am getting by. Doing bare minimum. You hungry kid? Get a banana. (She did just have lunch an hour ago.) Floors need washed? Eh. Writing however blossoms in this mode for me. ESCAPISM. Writing fiction is escapism in its finest. Those characters  (for the most part, HA) DO AS THEY ARE TOLD. They obey. HA. Perhaps being a writer is all about some cosmic need of control?


Okay, I am laughing at myself. Do you see this weird mood???


In any case. I have all kinds of big thoughts lately, swirling and whirling. On the sisterhood of mothering. On our need for place in it all. And when its all settled down I will write more inspiration type things here. Also, I need to write about the fiveyear old girl child. A most perplexing creature who lately has been spouting off things like "BECAUSE I WANT WHAT I WANT" when I ask what is wrong with her. Ah yes. Wanting what we want. I know that crabby-ness too.

For now, this is what you get. HA.

How about this for entertainment to make up for the lame post?

(The beginning sweetness of this video -which led to irritating big kid antics- was followed by multiple attempts to capture the wit and adorableness that is my children but swiftly devolved into me stamping my foot and yelling at boy for sticking his face in the camera with his tongue out and at little miss for screaming lyrics at her sister. I will refrain from sharing them. But do be assured, they happened. And life rolls on, right?? HA. I wasn't even going to show this one - mainly due to said irritating big kid antics - but then I figured...REAL...I am about REAL in this space. You guys appreciate that, right? ) (ps baby is screaming at me at the end because I was holding her slipper which she MUST wear to dance. ONE slipper. Of course. Because, why? Because, two years old. That's why. You know?)



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