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Monday, April 28, 2014

anti-recipe #70 the best hot chocolate in the world

This is the view in front of me now as I type. Three chocolately faces, dripping, slurping, sucking, in silence. 

Sounds kinda creepy, huh? Like a vampire novel or something. Ha. Maybe my next book. 

(Joking. NEVER.)

In any case. We are on day three of rain here in the frozen north. It's not frozen, per se, but it's cold rain, that makes my knees ache like an old woman. 

Instead of bemoaning the weather this morning, we embrace it. We are reading one of my favorite all time books "The Secret Garden" and the story of the grey world on the moors, waiting for spring and blossoms, is rather perfect for us. 

And then, I surprise myself with these words.

Fine, then, let's go outside.

Really?? You too?? 

Yes, fine, me too.

And so we go out, covered in wool and all the rain proof gear I can find. 

And 45 minutes later we come back in. Drenched, chilled to the bone, and ready for some hot chocolate. 

And so I make some.

And here is how you can too. And after you try this you will never again buy the powdered kind in the the little packets (in fact it kind of grosses me out now)

First, farm fresh milk. Cream still heavy on the top. However you can get your hands on this creamy goodness, you should. I mix it up in a saucepan on the stovetop. Don't let it get too hot! Turn on the burner to a medium heat. 

Next, i use approximately one tablespoon of real cocoa per mug of milk. Stir it in to the pot as the milk is warming. Add a dash of salt (i know, weird, but it makes the difference) and a tiny bit of vanilla (maybe half a teaspoon per three mugs of milk) if you want add a sprinkle of cinnamon and/or nutmeg etc. We don't do it this way as my children are purists, but you can. 
This next part is key. Add a wooden spoon full of good local - raw if you can get it - honey. Why? It's good for you. My super convincing explanation. Ha. And I recently read something about imported honey from china etc being full of toxic pollution and plastic. Which grossed me out. So we do local honey. Plus my mom gave me a giant gallon of raw honey from her friend. So, there's that.

Now, heat until steamy but not bubbling. Stir until cocoa is mixed.

Now, you have crunchy mama homemade cocoa! Now plop in the largest store bought corn-syrupy marshmallows you can find. Voila, the perfect cup of cocoa.

Also, most excellent mixed with Bailey's. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Happy rainy Monday mamas!


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