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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

spring break, June-style

You know how it is now, as a mom.

Gone are the days where spring break was about beaches in Mexico and shots of tequila. In fact, the thought never crosses our mind.


Spring break is now about work. All of the necessary things to prepare your house for the change of seasons. There is toy rotation, pulling out summer clothes, finding out who needs new shoes (seriously NONE of little man's shoes fit, except his snow boots), putting away boots and snow pants, washing loads of mittens, hats and scarves, finding the screens, washing down windows, random cleaning like sorting out the linen closet, sweeping out the garage.

I'm trying to take it slow, but the list is mounting.

And of course, adding garden and outside things to the list "farm type" things, makes the list even longer. Chicken coop needs mucked. Cold frames need to be fixed, early greens need planted, inside plantings need started, compost heap needs turned over, etc. etc. etc.

But we are slowly tackling the list, while dada goes to spend his time in the home office on contract work. Kind of amazing, to knock on the door to ask where he put the spare tinfoil, instead of sending the texts. Oh, the thousands of texts over the years!

And, of course, the kiddos are "out" of school, so that makes life easier for me, and we are being quite generous with things like lollipops and videos and iPad time.

And the weather. AH the weather. This is the great thing about homeschooling. We waited to have our "spring break" until the weather truly turned. We've been outside for hours upon hours the past two days. Enjoying the balmy 50 degrees. Windows cracked, snow dripping from the eaves.

I have no idea what this post is about.

Kind of life too lately.

I finished my client project and realized at the halfway point I am not really into consulting/client work anymore. Kind of good to realize. Sure a paycheck is nice again (strangely liberating really, hey would you look at that, I CAN earn a dime still!) but...the stress of wondering what other people think of my work was really hard on me this week. I know that sounds kind of wimpy of me. But, in any case...

In any case, its done now. So instead, I push past bad consulting vibes and when the sun hits just right on my table in the afternoon I sit down and write my fun book and have glorious dreams of sending off to a publisher someday.

And I do crafts with the kids (we planted our Resurrection Garden in anticipation of Easter this week!)

And, of course, I organize the shit out of everything.


Nothing is safe.

I paired ALL THE SOCKS IN THE SOCK BASKET LAST NIGHT. This is an amazing accomplishment, fairly close to a miracle really.

I FOLDED ALL THE TOWELS IN THE LINEN CLOSET. Usually we just shove them in there until the closet is near to exploding. Doesn't look as clean as my mom's linen closet but, its as good as its gonna get in this house.

Also, I made the most lovely smelling laundry detergent. (see this post for how I do it) I have been making detergent for years but I've been pretty lazy about it. This batch I actually used a ton of essential oils - lemon, geranium and tea tree oil - and my whole laundry room smells deliciously.

I may even tackle the most embarrassing spot in my house, the full to overflowing tuperware/odds/and/ends cabinet.


And, AND we are doing a grand rearranging of bedrooms in our house. We are giving the girls THEIR OWN ROOM, and little man HIS OWN ROOM. And mama and dada are following through on dreams of claiming the downstairs family room (with wood stove and lovely light) as A MASTER BEDROOM. AHHHHHHH.......its going to be great.

I hope. And of course this means getting baby out of our bed at night. Which may prove challenging, despite the lure of a "princess bedroom" (shudder, but its what they want so...fine.)

Baby, who is 2 1/2 years old, and, as of this morning, pretty much officially potty trained!!! AND THE ANGELS REJOICED! I declare a child potty trained once the poop on the pot happens, and this morning, she says "I need to pee on the pot" and...the deed was done! And for days now...DRY PANTS. I'm amazed.

Wait, so, let me just acknowledge this.



Letting that sink in.


Okay. I'm done.

Of course we still have night time dipes but....that doesn't count in my book.

So, there you have it, spring break week.

Tomorrow we might take the kids for a hike nearby but really I think that is going to be it.

Spring break. Tired mama style.

Alright, that's all I got for a post.

I'm lame lately huh? HA.

Maybe next year we need to do spring break in Disney World. I'm thinking yes. Right? Definitely. HA.

Happy spring!!! May the cleaning/sorting/organizing gods smile on you in benevolence and goodwill! (Me too, m'kay?)

First picnic of the year! 

Reclaiming our cold frame box from the mice who moved in for the winter...eek!

This side yard is begging for fruit trees and a play area and a gazebo...

Poor garden...

Photos of the rearranged house to come. When it's not a total disaster!!!


  1. Sounds all good :) my three year old is with me can't seem to get with his brother yet, he fulls asleep sucking.his thumb and holding my hair!!!""":O)

    1. so we rearranged rooms finally. baby has yet to even try sleeping the night in her own bed. HA.


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