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Friday, April 18, 2014

resisting the sirens' call

So I have this thingy, two days before a holiday, I make the mistake of looking on Pinterest, I start making list in my head. Not two weeks, mind you, like rational people, no, two DAYS. it's a sickness. HOW MUCH CAN I GET DONE??

Pausing this post for a minute. I'm using the iPad to write post these days. And I've realized there's a little button with a microphone. This button is changing my life. I push the button, I talk and the words appear. Magic. 

We can pretend we're having a conversation. Or I can talk to you anyhow. 

The kids think it's cool too. 

Here's little miss. 

I love you. She says. 

No, you have to say something other than that. 

Suddenly, stage fright from Miss talkative. 

Hello little man.



"Mommy found this microphone button that was on the iPad and it's a really cool all you have to do is talk into it and then all you have to do is push it again and then the words appear like this."

And what do you want to say baby? 

I love you poopy. (Cackles of laughter from siblings.)

No, don't say poopy, you have to say something nice. 

I love you hello. 

My children folks. 


Back to the post. 

So, this thing two days before a holiday...and I suddenly start thinking about what I could make, how much I could get done. 

First off, a disclaimer. So, in case you follow me on Pinterest my lists for "to do in the month of April" well, I don't actually do them...they are there in case my crafting stars align and, 1) I have free time and 2) the kids are willing and 3) my creative energy is at the appropriate level. This happens precisely twice a month. 

But in any case. 

This two days before a holiday thing is like a disease. Suddenly I start thinking about those cute little felt rabbits and hey, I have felt, maybe I could make some, then I see homemade peanut butter chocolate eggs, and I think, ooooh, I could totally do that...and then the horrifying happens. I open up my Pinterest to do list for the month of April, and there, staring at me, are my inadequacies. Oh, yea, I was going to do a spring unit study about birds and oh, what about this cute felted bunny, and oh yea, (this is when the full on Pinterest crazy comes out) I was going to MAKE THE GIRLS MATCHING EASTER DRESSES!! 

Do you know that my mother made matching hands smocked dresses for us girls when we were little EVERY EASTER?? Well, she did. I don't understand how. How, mom?? How???

I'm going to be lucky to get to Kohls this Saturday (uh, tomorrow) to get said matching dresses. Hopefully they will still have them in stock for slacker moms like me...

So. Do I dare open the April Pinterest list? Or do I just make the bunnies and chocolate treats and call it a day? Or do I ignore my two days before a holiday urge and read easter stories to the kids and have a lazy Friday? Did I mention we haven't even dyed eggs yet?? What is UP with me this year???

Hmmmm... I'm trying to resist but Pinterest is calling a sirens' song. Deadly. Calling me. Judging me. But sooooo soooo pretty!!

Ooooooh, naturally dyed Easter eggs, using beets and carrots and spinach and blueberries! I was going to use food dye, what was I thinking??

Ooooooh, bunny necklaces out of clay!! The girls would love that!

Ooooooh, felt chicks!! An Easter wreath of flowers and eggs for the front door! A hand carved willow whistle!! A stuffed bunny!! A DRESS FOR MYSELF!!

Clearly I've lost my marbles! Help Pinterest is sucking me in!! I can't not judge! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(Will our heroine survive?? Will she resist the sirens' call?? Tune in to for our next installment, "mama needs a retreat!!! DO YOU???")


  1. Totally Brilliant and so.much like myself with the whole pinterest thing going to find you on.that now xxxx


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