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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Its been grey here for weeks. The occasional sun peep, that's about it. Which is good for my pensive writerly mood, which is not good for my mommy-getting-shit-done mood.

I confess.Yesterday I thought I was having some kind of attack, anemic maybe, allergies? I felt dizzy, weak. Maybe my thyroid is off again?

No, according to the doctor. Yea, his official diagnosis. I'm tired.

Yes, I went to the doctor to be told, Hi. Nice to meet you Sara. You are tired. So. Get some REST.

Okay. Sure. I will do that. Thanks.

Come home to laundry. Dishes (still in the sink). Errands to run. Toddler who for some reason decides to wake up for the day at 4:30 am. FOUR THIRTY. IN THE MORNING. Dada got called in for that one an hour in.

Guess my body as well as mind is telling me - RETREAT.

Still working on it. Ha.

I probably wont post this post. It will probably sit in my blogger queue with all the other lame-o posts I have almost written over the years and not posted. Not Spunky! Not Informative! Not Creative! Not Inspiring! All of those reasons I have surmised people read this blog over the years.


Some days we aren't those things though, us mommies.

Some days we go to the doctors office to be told "Hi. You are Tired."

And we say, why, yes, I do believe I am tired. Why, thank you doctor!

And we go home. And we write shit like this. And we wonder how we will get it all done. The book writing and the non-profit launching and then creative fun schooling. And we feel inadequate. And we put on our worn out yoga pants. And we make coffee. And we drink it. And we sigh, and get up, and do the dishes. And we know that we all know. And we hope the toddler sleeps tonight.

And that is all.


I swear I will post something super duper inspiring and creative to make up for this. In the meanwhile. Read it and think, whilst exhausted sipping coffee in your worn out yoga pants, WE ARE NOT ALONE. WE ARENT THE ONLY ONES. AND AT LEAST WE DIDNT GO TO THE DOCTOR TO BE TOLD WE ARE TIRED.


I love you guys.

Below are pictures of my garden, things that survived the brutal winter, to live another day.


peppermint SURVIVED

children NEEDED helium balloons the other day. here they are with them in the garden.


for some reason we've decided its perfectly fine for the children to dig large holes in the
yard and fill them with water and rocks and pretend its an ocean and they are giants




  1. Yea, Sara! AND mom survived! Yea! luv u, tired mama. spring will eventually energize you. luv 2 youALL, MHGJ

  2. Oh yes I'm tired.let's have that retreat together shall we Lol. Yeah to warmer weather and if we are extremely lucky yes if alittle rest xxxx

  3. Yes I'm tired too let's go on.that retreat together Lol. Here's to warmer weather and if We're really really Lucky alittle rest in our yoga pants xxxx


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