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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

getting away and dandelion crowns

Do you know what I did today?

I got in the car, at 7am, and drove down to the big city to have  meeting with a client, which went swimmingly well, and then drove back home, listening to music, stopping for coffee, just in time to enjoy the sunshine in the garden, plant the potato bed, and eat the delicious dinner dada prepared.


It was kind of amazing.

I think my ideal would be to do something like that once or twice a week.


Guess what I am doing tomorrow? So, my sister calls me and says, hey, I am flying in to your neck of the woods for a conference. It would interest you. You should come.


I am going to.



And bring my laptop. And write. Also, that.


I come home from my day being worker mommy as I pack to leave in the morning for another day away and the sun is shining and little miss dumps an armful of dandelions onto my lap and says, with a grin, "here mommy, flowers for you!" And I say, somewhat out of mommy guilt, "did you know I am really good at making flower crowns?" And so, we make them. And she smiles.

Whatever anyone else says, or how hard I am on myself, for that matter, the truth is, I can make a pretty badass dandelion crown.

Um, warning, picture overload below.


  1. Ya dandelion queen, time to.yourself utter bliss I can imagine, enjoy xxxx


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