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Sunday, May 18, 2014

where i am at

The lyrics to this are kinda sad. But, man, what a song. So its not really "where I am at," but, you should listen anyway.

Where I am at is ...a blissful state of...anxiety? No. Not anxiety. Like, that happy place of tapping your feet in a restless energy. Shaking my feet in a too much caffeine, not enough sleep, too much to get done, but happy all the same, sort of place.


And I am sitting at home. Alone. Finishing. My. Book. No, really, I am going to. First draft anyhow. Three chapters left. Big scenes. And here I am. Blogging.

And this song is perfect.


  1. Congratulations on.working so hard with.three beautiful children and man to look after, have a wine and I'll raise a glass to you in the Uk xxxx


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