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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas week wrap up

This will be a short form. I'm writing using the microphone option on my phone. Rather techie of me don't you think?

I would also like to add that my children are running around like wild hyenas. 

Just so you know.

I'm trying to ignore them. 

Just so you know.

Here's the list of what I've done this week for the holidays. 

Made ornaments with the kids. 

Here is a sampling of phrases I just used on the children. 

Evergreen put your pants on. 

Ayla get out of the fridge. 

They just decorated a gingerbread house has anyone else been duped into putting together one of those IKEA kits?

Nearly as complicated as their furniture. 

And I'm pretty sure they consumed the majority of the candy. 

Hence the screeching and the wild hyena part. 

And now. They are quiet. 

I'm thinking about making dinner. I just took out a batch of chex mix and I'm thinking the kids can eat chex mix and carrots for dinner. 

Good enough right?

I made these really great hooded towel bathrobe things for the kids. So easy. In the end I just couldn't NOT craft for the kids. Last night I started getting Pinterest remorse, in a bad way. All the pins! All the hopes and dreams! Dashed away! And then I think. Maybe next year. Meanwhile. CHEX mix. Baileys. And dadas home made fudge. 

Let the merriment. BEGIN. NOW. 


Did I mention she was a BABY UNICORN in the church play??? Per her request??!!

Ha! She danced the whole time. Amazing, this girl. 

Little miss with her new fancy haircut "I look at least nine!!" And her new fancy dress. IT TWIRLS!

Little man hid in the back. "I felt like a moron mom." HAHA!!

Hope you and your are making messes and memories. Hugs and love!


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