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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

finding your christmas crafty mojo

As in, I can't find mine.

Which is really bizarre for me.

Last year I seriously had a ten mile list of things I HAD to craft for the kids in order for Christmas to occur, at all, as in, otherwise the world would implode and the stars thrown off course, etc etc.

Big dramatic things would have happened if I had not managed to craft ALL THE THINGS.

So, being three weeks before Christmas I'm kinda browsing through Pinterest and my reaction? Eh. Eh. I just don't feel the need to craft.


You should see my kids lists this year. Not to be braggy or anything, but as in, its crazy strange, they each want like two things. TWO. Little man must have Star Wars Lego kits. Little miss asked for her own big kid Legos. Baby Green wants a purple Sophia princess dress.

That's it.

So dada and I are wracking our brains. Um, slippers? Pajamas? Woolen long johns? Books? Playmobil fairies? A new Ipad game that, GASP, we actually pay for!? That is my actual list for them.

I am the most boring parent in the world.

And its happening with the crafty things too. I have a crafty block.

Last year we made wooden blocks, wooden creatures, an elf house kit (which was never assembled, AHEM, DADA) felt gnomes and houses and on and on.

Good grief.

I don't want to do that. Any of it.

So, after an hour on Pinterest the other night, you know what I came up with???

Hooded bath towels.

One for each of them.


I have seriously lost my crafty mojo!

Okay. I might have to remedy this. Um. What can I make? Ummmmmmm........


Ohmygosh. I got nothing.

They have felt crowns. Play silks. Wooden animals. A dollhouse. Waldorf babies. Waldorf dolls. A playstand. Stick horses. Gnome families. Felt mice.


They wont even wear wooly pants made from cut up sweaters anymore! NO MORE SWEATER CRAFTING???? GASP!

You know what this means, don't you????

No, not that I need to have another baby, my God, why do people keep suggesting that, HA HA. Get out of my uterus!! HA HA HA.

Okay, side track. HA.

Ummmm....Where was I??

Oh yes.

Do you know what this means???? It means...CRAFTING FOR MYSELF.

I think this is where I am at. JUST FOR ME. I've got a ton of birch bark downstairs. I think I may just need to make myself a birch bark fairy house, a la Pinterest, that children DO NOT TOUCH.

Or maybe, I might knit myself a hat. I did actually knit little miss a hat last week. She loved it. I think I will aim to make them all hats for this winter.

Or maybe, oooooohhhhh, one of those Katniss Everdeen wool cowl shawl things???

Imagine that???!!!

Maybe I should take up cross stitching pillows or something too.


Ha. So, if anyone comes across some adorable Pinterest craft for kids for Christmas, LET ME KNOW. Knowing me I am going to end up a week before Christmas, panicked that I NEED TO CRAFT FOR THE CHILDREN OTHERWISE THE HOLIDAY SEASON WILL EXPLODE IN A CACOPHONY OF GLITTER AND TINSEL AND LIGHTS!


Below, please find witness to the fact that I have not ENTIRELY given up on my crafty mojo. The girls and I making an army of pinecone Santas for a church fundraiser.


  1. I'm currently wolly hat garlands and my boys making crackers they love that as make paper hat alittle joke or riddle, poem and tiny homemade gifts inside. Highly recommend for your three ;)

  2. My vote is katniss everdeen's cowl. I had serious envy while watching the second movie.
    If you end up doing it PLEASE share pics:)


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