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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

long winding weeks...long winding post...MARCH

Why is March so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong?

Seriously. Its like I am just barely hanging on energy wise (homeschool, dishes, laundry, etc) and I look up and BAM its ONLY TUESDAY. Like a slap in the face.

It has happened to me two weeks in a row now.

And now its Wednesday. And it feels like it should be Friday.

So. I plant seeds with the girls. Have them all listen to something educational online (Jules Verne!) and play with some educational toys. (This should be a post later!)

And then they ignore all my efforts and play bear cave in the living room (girls) and Legos in the bedroom (boy).

So I sit down, ignoring the slush outside, with some tea and toasted pecans, and write a blog post.

About nothing really I suppose.

And by the way, about those pecans. Those daily pecans got me into trouble this winter. Damn you pecans. I now only allow myself to indulge on particularly crabby days. Once a week. UGH. METABOLISM.

Little Green has pretty much weaned. At three and a half its about time, right?? Yes, yes, I know. You are either saying, um, YEA. Or, Mine nursed until 5! Ha. But she is done. And I am done.

So. No diapers. No nursing. Meanwhile metabolism spirals out of control. I go to the gym and LIFT WEIGHTS and RUN ON THE DAMN TREADMILL. And cut back on the pecans. HA HA HA.

This got me around to cleaning up my wardrobe the other day. I think I have an inspiring updating of the mama wardrobe post coming, but it means taking a lot of pictures. Maybe I can sneak away now. Undoubtedly as soon as I do shrieks and fights will erupt. This is the way right? Or when I am on the phone.

I keep thinking I am going to get an agent call back for my book one of these days. And then I don't. Just rejection after rejection. Which makes me think maybe its not that great after all. But, I say, I LIKE IT, so SOMEONE MIGHT TOO. Right? Right. Maybe.

And we've put farm searching plans on hold till the fall, for a variety of reasons, mostly to do with banks and money and boring things like that. So the seeds I just planted are ALL FLOWERS, except for the obligatory kale and tomatoes and peppers. And I am going to PLANT THE SHIT out of the yard and gardens outside. BEAUTIFUL FAIRY FLOWERLAND. That is my goal. Move or no move. You know? BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED, and all that. HA.

We are even thinking of planting a tree or two. Why not, right?

WHY NOT, we say. I am thinking a weeping willow, down in the field, and maybe an apple tree or two.

But in the meanwhile. The kids play. We plant some seeds. We avoid glances at the evil white stuff outside. And we wait for sunshine. Also Friday.

I love this song, by the 90s kings, Counting Crows. Also. Courtney Cox is in this video. HA.


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