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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I have such a great list of posts I want to do swirling around in the dark corners of my brain. But, this week the temperatures have skyrocketed (to 56 degrees, HA) and the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue and all the snow is melting away. We just ate lunch out on the deck. The kids are running around in shorts. I just raked the yard in a tank top.


No serious. Do you get this??? SPRING.

It snuck up on us this year. A few days ago they were sledding. I was prepared. MONTHS of cold. And now I hear a robin calling as I type. Spring, really?

The kids have been outside for 4+ hours, and counting.

And I just can't even.

I'm delirious.

Also. I have been lusting after an indoor lemon tree for years. And I just bought myself one.

The sun. The birds. The children OUTSIDE (which means quiet mama blogging time INSIDE). And A LEMON TREE. AND dada had a work victory this past week so he is bringing home champagne.

Could my week get any better????

So, you will forgive my lack of inspiring posts at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow I shall try again, if the sun and birds and blue doesn't distract me too much.

But. For serious. YAY.

Wishing you sun and warm and lemon trees and bubbly melting snow happiness this week!

do you see that look?? over the rim of the glasses?? that look. it's a killer. she does it a lot. cause she knows how to use it.
HA HA :) 


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