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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

updating a yoga-pants-wearing mama wardrobe

So, here is the thing.

You know those yoga pants I bought, the ones that started this whole blog, back in the day??


Those. Yes. Those.


I threw them out last week.

I didnt even try to donate them, or save them for baby wipes (no baby butts to wipe in this house!)

Nope. I just straight up tossed them.

I know, right???????

This is big. HUGE.

Don't get me wrong. I still wear yoga pants, around the house at night, to bed, or GASP, to the gym. But, as an everyday staple? Nope. Not so much these days.


I used to wear nice clothes. Like, you know, suits and button up shirts and pointy-toed shoes (back when they were popular - I have been informed by fashionista younger sisters that no one wears pointy-toed shoes anymore.)

But, lately, actually, for the past eight years, I have let things slide. And slide. And slide.

So. I decided, after hearing about this book (the "Konmari" Method) that I should take a stab at actually sorting and organizing my wardrobe. And, GASP, getting rid of things.

Yes, yoga pants worn to threads.

And t-shirts stretched out from wearing over giant baby bellies.

And other shirts worn out from tugging them down to nurse...for eight years.

These clothes. These "Why-Do-I-Have-These-Shitty-Clothes" Clothes,

And this is, apparently, the point of the Konmari method of simplifying, summed up by someone who actually read the book (not me!) "If it doesn't bring you joy, don't keep it."

That is big right?

I mean, how many items of clothing does a stay at home mom have that actually BRING JOY.

I settled for "Clothes I feel nice in" as the closest I was going to get, with a few for real "joy" items in there (including the pointy-toed shoes which I dont really wear in my present life BUT have such memories I cant let go of them).

My wardrobe is AMAZINGLY pared down now. Nubbly sweaters that are slightly itchy. GONE. Stretched out t-shirts. GONE. Thrift store sweaters I never really liked. GONE. Yoga pants with holes in the knees. GONE. That stretched out swimsuit I wore through pregnancy. GONE. That tiny bikini from college I will never fit into. GONE. And this one, I know you will appreciate this one - underwear that has irritated my c-section scar (yes it still hurts eight years later) that I still for some reason wore... GONE. Replaced with underwear that does NOT irritate the scar. Also yes, I did replace the yoga pants. With some cute gym ones and some, ACK, leggings (only to be worn under dresses or to the gym though, HA.) And I even replaced the stack of gross shirts (keeping a few for the garden.) With only a few so far, but I will do more as it warms up this summer.

Its kinda crazy. I can reach for anything in my dresser really and be like, oh yea, I like that shirt, those jeans are comfy- VOILA, OUTFIT!

Below. Pictures of my outfit making process. No, I cannot be the blogger who models her outfits for you. Back in the day I had a few people suggest I look into modeling (you know skinny tall blonde California teenager) and my response was always. Um. I am the most awkward person on the planet in front of cameras. Uh. No. (I have sisters who do this sort of thing though and its amazing to me!)

In any case. Here are pictures.

The final stack of clothes to keep. And yes, there are hidden junk sweaters and sentimental pieces in tubs in the garage...but...

...see this giant box???? I got rid of that! (Okay fine, its still sitting in my bedroom. Baby steps.)

So. Clothes. Am I so lame I still have this California teenager surf girl long sleeve shirt. I dug it out of a pile and was like, hey, I could wear that running errands! Also, paired with the best comfy grey sweatshirt and some skinny jeans.

My crazy cat, on top of some decent looking jeans and a cute sweater.

 A typical round town outfit. I wore this today! And yes, I wear this bandanna constantly through the summer.

A new grey t-shirt paired with a cute cardigan and skinny jeans, along with a hair scarf.

The wrinkly jersey knit outfit. SO COMFORTABLE. And, once the wrinkles ease up, it looks cute.

Skinny jeans and a cute sweater (that I have had for a really long time)
 More scarves and comfy jeans. These shoes are my go-to running errands, walking outside, everyday shoes. I love them.

These jeans, not so much. I dont really wear this outfit. But I should.

I've also had this sweater a long time. And these shoes. I LOVE these moccasins (from Steger Mukluks...)

Another cute little sweater. I typically wear it with a long sleeved black t-shirt.

These cords. Not so attractive all wrinkly like this but SO comfortable. I have them in olive green too. And that black wrap thing is super comfy and has pockets. And looks fairly stylish so. There you go.

Were I to go away with dada I would bring this kind of clothing. Able to mix and match and absurdly comfortable. The blue linen shirt is a thrift store find. It makes me want to put my hair up in a high knot and paint with oils on a giant canvas out on the deck. THIS SUMMER. I THINK I SHALL.

 I am not so great at being fancy. This is an effort at it. Long sweater. Skinny black pants. JERSEY KNIT ONES. I love scarves. I had an obsession with scarves for the longest time.
 Random sweaters and yoga pants and workout clothes.

Another effort at fancy. I also have some great jewelry. Which I NEVER WEAR. Laying this necklace out in an actual outfit made me think, huh, I should wear that.
 Vintage dress (thrift store find) that I LOVE.
 My little helper.
 My fanciest effort. Black wrap dress. purchased pre-kid. Worn about four times. But, SO CUTE. I need to go out with dada more so I can WEAR THIS.
 More lovely jewelry. This is from Vietnam. (So beautiful there!)

SOME of my scarves, along with the infamous pointy toed shoes. Would YOU wear them? Also fun yellow shoes, from my travels (Jordan I think) that Baby Green always tells me to wear.

 After I went through a scarf phase I then got hooked on jackets. Just LOOK at this Italian motorcycle jacket, Fun, right? Totally should wear this to the library some week. HA HA HA.

Velvet blazer, from my fancy days. SO NICE.
Another jacket...

Ah, and here is how you are supposed to put away clothes. Makes it much easier to see everything.

So, what am I wearing as I take these pics. Um. Leggings and a long shirt and a puffer vest and my best boots ever. You know. A mama has to be realistic. COMFORT WINS. But, hey, baby steps right??? Now to actually get rid of the giant box.......

Anybody else do the Konmari thing? How did it turn out? I have big plans for the rest of the house...and maybe I'll even buy the book....and read it...HA!

Happy organizing!


  1. We started right at Christmas, crazy time but we were so motivated! I am too embarrassed to say how many kitchen trash bags of clothes we sent away. I had kept all my kids clothes in case we did more fostering but hey, they have stores to buy clothes if that should happen again! Over 400 books went to loving new homes. We are stuck on "kimono". I had to add a lot of other kimono categories bc of my work in collage and needlework- that has really brought things to a complete halt. It's hard to let go of all those great materials for projects I know I will prob never get too. We're also adding a "digital kimono" category bc our hard drives look as cluttered as our house! :) but every bag and box that leaves the house makes me feel more and more free- such a weight off my shoulders. I am loving it.

    1. good work lady! we just pitched a ton of stuff, donated etc, as we packed up for our latest move. its gonna be a shock when we unpack our storage unit one of these days!

  2. I'm 5"3 150 but very muscular with a tiny waistline, but large quadriceps and bum. Finding best workout clothes to fit me in the legs means going 2 sizes up making the waistband super loose not these, just ordered 2.


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