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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Santa Lucia day, a little late

"We missed Santa Lucia Day??" 

Little man was upset. I had had meetings, fighting off a cold, dada working all weekend. 

"Yea," I sighed. I know I suck. 

His disappointment made me sad. So instead of scratching it for the year I said, "well, we could do it a few days late if you want, on dada's day off?"

So we did. Which was today. I took some refrigerator dough and made cinnamon rolls. Some strong coffee. And, lacking crowns of pine boughs we twisted some play leis into wreaths for the girls and let little man carry the candle. 

Traditions don't have to be perfect to be memorable, to be important, to be worth it. 

Say that with me, a couple times. Ha. 

The kids sang a few lines on the below song as I sat in bed with dada. And then we ate clementines and the rolls. 

(For a few minutes, while I nagged at the kids to please not wipe their fingers on my bed.) 

Santa Lucia
Now in the darkest night

Enter with candlelight

Santa Lucia 

Santa Lucia


Now winter’s coming on 

Now summer sun has gone 

And with the darker days 

Help us to light our ways – 

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia! 


Come blessed spirit bright 

Shine through the darkest night

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia! 


As forth in life we go 

Sweet is the faith we know 

That blessings from above 

God sends with living love – 

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia! 


Come blessed spirit bright 

Shining with God’s own light 

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Help us to see our way 

Steadfast through night and day

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia! 


No matter what may come 

Poor rags or kingly crown 

Show us the truth behind 

All things in space and time – 

Come blessed spirit bright 

Shining with God’s own light 

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Then we read this story together, snuggled on the bed, drinking coffee and eating. (Again, pausing to nag. Ha.)

SANTA LUCIA A story written by Tiziana Boccaletti
Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in a far away land there lived a young woman. Her name was Lucia and she liked spending time on the lake, quietly listening to all the animals and the sounds the water made. The swans knew her and liked her and would come feed from her hand during winter time. Mama hawk would often salute her with a loud screech when circling in the cool sky. 

She was a young girl like many others, she liked what everybody else liked and enjoyed spending time with friends in the woods, playing games and baking cakes with her mother. 

She always felt gratitude in her heart for what she had and her good kind loving family but there was one thing she always wished for. Lucia wished she could see with her eyes. Born blind, she had learned at a young age to use her ears, her hands and her heart to listen. 

One day, after going for a long walk in the woods, she sat under a mighty walnut tree and fell asleep. She dreamt many colorful dreams of faraway places, unicorns, knights and palaces and in her dreams her eyes were as bright and clear as one thousand candles. 

In her dream, an old good witch from the castle told her that soon the light from her heart would travel to her eyes and she would be able to see. Lucia woke up and was at first startled by her dream but then she realized in was time to go home. 

It was the darkest night of the year and she could smell the sunset dampness coming from the green grass. 

On her way to town she heard an old woman asking for help. Lucia immediately ran to her to see what she might need. The old woman asked for help walking home. Lucia immediately offered her arm and the two of them walked for a long time. 

They had been climbing up a hill when a young boy approached them and asked for food. Lucia was very hungry herself but she reached into her apron pocket and offered him her red apple. He thanked her and devoured it right away. Lucia was hungry herself but didn’t say anything..she was happy she could help. 

They had almost reached their destination when Lucia heard the voice of a man calling her. He was sitting by the side of the road and told her he had been robbed of all his clothes. Lucia took her shawl off her shoulders and gave it to him. It was her favorite shawl, the one that her grandma her patiently knitted for her by the fire, but she didn’t mind. 

When she asked the old woman if they had arrived yet, the old woman said, “Yes, you have arrived”. Lucia asked: “Where are we?”. The old woman replied: “Look up at the moon in the sky and you will know”. Lucia raised her head and saw the full moon with her own eyes. She looked at the old woman and realized it was indeed the witch she had dreamed of. 

The old witch said: “The golden light from your good heart grew so strong that it had to find a new home and that new home is your eyes. Go and use the light to be of service to others and light their way”. 

Lucia was overfilled with joy and ran all the way home to tell her mother and all her friends. And if things haven’t changed, they are still the same!



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