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Thursday, September 30, 2010

musings on boots and dreads

I am recently obsessing over these boots. I can’t help myself.



It’s like I will become the mother I want to be if ONLY I have these boots.

I can see myself hopping out of my minivan, kids in tow, happily conquering the world.

Also, these boots too.

Totally see myself running around outside at our goat farm, mucking stalls, riding the horse with my blonde dreads a-waving in the wind, fixing fences, and then going out for a beer with dada (while the kids put themselves to sleep. HA.)

My mother thinks I am joking about the dreads. I am not. I recently told her and my sisters how I was developing some dreads and contemplating actually trying to make them.

They laugh and look at me.

I say no, really I am.

My sister (young and cute) says, “really??” with admiration/suspicion.


I see it in her eyes. “Really?? My older (read-old) (read-boring) sister with two kids is going to do something crazy like grow dreads? Huh???”

They all start laughing nervously and look at me.

Hmmm. My girlfriends think I am crazy to consider this, mostly. My oldest sister kindly suggested some great leave-in conditioning spray. (HA HA.)

my hair at easter. see the dread-potential? its several inches
longer now...
also, witness the cute children and very cute dada.
very cute. yes.
My Anne-Taylor-wearing sister would be aghast. I haven’t told her yet about my (nearly serious) intentions. Here is the thing. I am mostly able to crossover at this juncture I have one (inconspicuous) tattoo (acquired on a much-disputed first date). I have no weird piercings. I can walk into an Anne Taylor type store with confidence (mostly, especially if I have a “Try” outfit on. In my yoga pants norm, hmmm, better just skip over to Gap Kids where I belong.) Not that I really buy anything at Anne Taylor, unlike my sister who literally has 47 T-Shirts from Anne Taylor. I buy T-Shirts at Target. I recently (shamefully) bought two at Walmart. (I mean, come on, five BUCKS for a perfectly decent v-neck shirt? Why not, right??) Admittedly I feel a little uncomfortable at Anne Taylor already. I don’t quite belong. I feel salespeople there know this. This is what they do. 1) look at your shoes 2) look at your hand bag and as I am typically wearing my “mom” shoes (ballet Priva shoes by Clark SOOO COMFY) and carrying a tattered old clutch (which is just the right size to fit in the diaper bag) or the diaper bag itself they ignore me as I lower my head and beeline to the sales rack. I don’t go there much. Unless I am with my sister (who really should purchase stock in Anne Taylor.)

Anyway. With dreads one can no longer cross over. Even my best Try outfit would fail to cover the fact that I am a dirty dreaded hippy mom. Even if I – gasp – broke out cute flats and the 8 year old Coach purse (which at this point is likely so outdated what is the point really, right?)

see?? arent these so cool??
I would be outed. A dirty hippy mother. Might as well stop shaving right? (I would, out of pure lazi-ness but after a week or so in the winter I can't take it anymore and give in. I like smooth legs)

So, what to do?

Here are my reasons. I could keep my hair long but it would be out of my face. I could even wear it down which I NEVER do (unless I have a headache – which is a lot lately, insert sad face for my poor head) and it would be contained.

Some misconceptions – you STILL WASH YOUR HAIR. (hear that mom?) You just don’t brush. Think of the cool beads! The cool leather straps! Ok, I am totally laughing at myself right now. I sound ridiculous. Dreads. Really? Can a 30-something year old stay at home mom just up and put dreads in her hair? I feel like I need to join a revolution or something. Become a hardcore activist type. Take part in a sit-in. I am so not the sit-in type. I have strong convictions about many things but I really REALLY dislike confrontation (which makes me a great blogger. No one to argue back. HA HA) I also find myself too often empathizing with many sides of an argument. Perhaps because I was the second oldest of a large brood. Perhaps because of my ENTJ personality. I want to understand and feel for everyone and where they are coming from and make everyone love each other as I tuck flowers behind their ears. I am a passionate person though, but only about things I find to be worth the exertion. (HA) Certain political issues. Certain social issues. Certain parenting issues for sure. My family. My faith.

Maybe I am extreme enough come to think of it.

Also – you DON’T have to cut your hair off. VO5 oil and lots of patient combing.

So, to dread or not to dread. Hmmm. Stay tuned. (because I know you are dying to know what I will do with my hair...HA HA)

And the boots? The inspiration for this post? My birthday is tomorrow. Hopefully a whole blog post about these boots will be enough of a subtle hint for dear dada. (insert winky face guy and kissy face guy. LOVE YOU BABY)


  1. i'm a yes vote on the dreads, no question. i think they would look awesome and hip and cute and pretty and they would be super convenient. and i wore a banana shirt with by ann taylor suit today, see i DO have diversity in my wardrobe.

  2. ha ha anne! was hoping you read this for your amusement in your "weird" meeting.
    HA. love it.
    thanks for the vote. i have several starting, maybe i need the help of a professional though.
    (in more ways than one, but i digress)

  3. i really do think they would be adorable on you.

  4. I think dreads and jeans and those tall moccs would kick some serious butt!

    Though, as someone who has mucked many stalls in her lifetime, I strongly suggest investing in something waterproof for that activity. One day in the thick of things and those lovely, absorbent suede delights would smell so bad you'd clear out the whole bar afterwards! LOL!

    And Happy Birthday one day early! :-)

  5. You should really do it...but I agree with Tracy, you NEED muck boots too. Love ya!

  6. tracy and mom...yes, yes i know. i have mucked stalls in past lives (particularly the one where i was a california blonde teenager riding her horse daily)call it creative liscense for the vision i was trying to portray ;)
    tracy - don't you LOVE those boots? i thought you would. :)

  7. That's a definite "yes" on the dreads. Sharla (David's wife) had them all last year and they were SUPER cute. But with your long hair? Even sexier. Do it!

  8. i vote YES!
    and happy birthday sister!

  9. thanks all. here is what i am thinking (picture added above.) what do you think?

  10. love the picture, and you definitely have the bone structure to pull it off (great cheekbones!!). I'm a little leery of the wraps and yarn--it makes me wonder what else got stuck in her hair. Maybe I'm a dreadlock purist? I think they're striking in their own, unadorned right!

  11. you are nice tracy :)
    and yes, i agree with you. maybe its like jewelery you can put it on and change it up depending on your mood/outfit.
    ....did i just write about matching dread wraps to my outfits? i am rolling my eyes at myself ;)

  12. Oh my gosh- I so love that you are dreading your hair- you are so cool! I feel "gosh I used to be a cool hippy and now I am a lawyer who could likely never dread my hair again" it (then after you get sick of them you get to have super short hair when you cut them off- which is a fun thing to do too).


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