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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anti-recipe 8: Kick ass potato soup

Now, I know what you are thinking. Potato soup is so freaking boring. But really this is really good potato soup. More “watery mashed potatoes” than soup really. It is versatile as to necessary ingredients, reheats well and I imagine leftovers could even be frozen (although there never are any at my house.) You could also very easily spoon feed it to a baby, as its more mash potato than soup, and its easy for little people to eat (again, not as messy as regular soup). (This quite jives with my feed baby food from your table kind of philosophy, but more on that in another post.)

(Yes, I just used the word "jives".)

So, hopefully its nice and fall-ish where you are. If not, crank up the AC and lets make some soup!

First step. Scrub up potatoes, say maybe 4 or 6 or something like that. Or fewer. Whatever.

Cube up potatoes, cutting out bad spots. 1 inch cubes work fine. That is right, don’t peel. I don’t believe in peeling potatoes.

Put potatoes in big pot. Add water, to just covering potatoes (maybe 1 inch over)

Boil potatoes. Throw in some salt and some diced onion.

Potatoes are done when peels start flaking off and they easily mush with a fork prick.

When potatoes are done mash with a potato masher (don’t drain, obviously.) Add some seasoning. I usually just do fresh parsley, chopped and maybe a little garlic salt. Salt and pepper to taste. I have in the past done rosemary. Whatever floats your boat.

Keeping potatoes on simmer, add some milk, not too much. Remember we are going for just a little thinner than mashed potatoes. Or add more if you want it thinner (but then you wouldn’t really be making MY potato soup but…it would still be potato soup). Oh, you can add cream instead of milk. Yum. Or sour cream.

Stir it up.

Add some cheese. I usually go for cheddar. I have done plain old American cheese (in desperation – it works) and Brie (when I lived in Oxford and always had fun yummy cheese on hand).

Stir it up.

Serve with more cheese grated on top. Also, crumbled bacon. And a nice crispy baguette on the side. With lots of butter.

Yum. I am hungry.

So, the beauty of this dish is its flexibility. You can add chopped up ham. You can cook the onions in the bacon grease first. You can add all kinds of cheese. One could imagine a smoked gouda being really tasty.

Anyway. That is my potato soup.

Happy fall!


  1. Yummm...I will definitely try this one when it cools off a bit more. Not quite soup-weather here yet. Incidentally, I made your roasted chicken anti-recipe last week, and it turned out fabulous! Many thanks from our household! :-)

  2. I remember this from Oxford!!! sooo good. I can't wait to make some!


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